Lana calls out CM Punk for being 'misogynistic' after he calls her 'chica' on social media

WWE superstar Lana

It seems like Lana's character as one of the most hated stars in WWE right now may be getting to her head a little bit.

She was popular when alongside her real-life husband Rusev, but since the affair storyline began which involves Bobby Lashley, the WWE Universe have understandably turned on her.

And that's not just because the storyline makes her look like an awful person - it's because her promos and character work have been a little cringe-worthy to say the least.

But she's clearly embracing the hatred coming her way, even though she does slip in and out of kayfabe on social media.

However her latest tweet has caused a fierce backlash from WWE fans - as she's targeted none-other than CM Punk.

If you caught any clips or indeed the whole WWE Backstage show from Tuesday night, then you'd know that Punk was asked to 'fantasy book' the rest of storyline between Rusev, Lana and Lashley.

CM Punk calling Lana 'chica' hasn't gone down well with The Ravishing Russian

To put it briefly, Punk said he would split up Lashley and Lana 'once he gets sick of her', pair Lashley and Rusev up as a team as they would have common ground of hating Lana, and then they face a team Lana has recruited at WrestleMania - with the losing outfit having to keep Lana for themselves.

Punk then also made a comment about having ideas for Lana 'in Saudi Arabia' which could have been very controversial if he carried on - but that's for another day!

After getting a great reaction to his ideas, Punk went to Twitter and messaged Lana to say he had booked her through WrestleMania, and referred to her as 'chica'.

Lana is currently having an on-screen affair with Bobby Lashley, cheating on her real-life husband Rusev

Harmless, right?

Not according to the mind of Lana.

Despite the tweet being completely inoffensive, Lana labelled Punk as 'misogynistic' for his comment, and that moving forward he should refrain from making similar comments.

The fact this tweet has over 1,800 replies tells another story in itself, and fans are really being critical of her for being offended by the Spanish word for 'girl'.

It's perhaps not the best idea to get into a war of words with someone like Punk, because he could probably eviscerate her verbally within five seconds should he really want to.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in this - it could get tasty!

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