Compilation of Sergio Ramos' worst tackles on Lionel Messi has gone viral


Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos personifies the word 's***housery.'

If that term ever makes its way into the official dictionary, you can guarantee that a picture of Ramos will be printed next to it and his name will probably go down as its synonym in any thesaurus.

Sure, there can be no denying that the Spaniard is one of the greatest defenders in football history, but he's some times guilty of going a little too far in the quest for victory.

And that's especially the case whenever he features in El Clasico.

It's a particularly relevant topic when you consider Real will lock horns with Barcelona for the first time this season - political unrest pushed back the initial date - in exactly one week's time.

El Clasico approaches

And the key to winning any match against Barcelona is, of course, stopping Lionel Messi.

It's a challenge that Ramos has been forced to become well-versed in over the years, although the 33-year-old has implemented those tactics with varying degrees of success.

For every time he managers to nullify the Argentine for the 90 minutes, there's a game where the Barcelona superstar rattles home a hat-trick.


Video of Ramos' dark arts

And it's in those matches where Messi enjoys more of the action that Ramos can, well, resort to some less conventional tactics. 

Whether it's diving in with a two-footed challenge or deploying some psychological warfare, you can guarantee that Ramos will call upon football's dark arts when he needs to.

So, in honour of all those moments, Twitter user @MyBeteNoire has created a compilation that has accumulated over 1,500 retweets and 2,600 'likes'.

It proves that saying Ramos has been harsh on Messi over the years is the mother of all understatements. Do yourself a favour and check the full video out below:

Somebody should tell Ramos he has a future in WWE when he retires.

The amount of tackles that send Messi into the stratosphere is mind-blowing, especially when there's only so many times the same two players come into direct opposition.

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

Part of me wants to say: 'we should see more of this in the modern game' or 'you've got to respect Ramos' will to win', but by god does he take it too far some times.

I shrug my shoulders when Ramos deploys small, cheeky tactics during games, but you can't let it slide when he's whipping out moves that would earn a phone call from Dana White.


However, let the video serve as further proof of Messi's brilliance.

Even when one of the greatest defenders of the modern era uses every trick in the book to stop him, Messi is never more than a game away from making Real's defence look Sunday League.

When you come for the king, you better not miss. But, then again, you're snookered even if you don't.

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