EA Sports FIFA: Ranking every edition released this decade (2010-2020)

FIFA has changed a lot throughout the decade

EA Sports' FIFA series has evolved rapidly over the last decade.

Next-generation consoles have seen games become so realistic that you'd mistake them for a live game on television at first glance.

Ultimate Team has also developed into the biggest cash cow in the series' history, leading to drastic changes about how each game is delivered to consumers.

It's been a rollercoaster of a ride, but which FIFA game released this decade has been the best?

Everyone has their personal favourite, but we here at GIVEMESPORT have decided to have a go at ranking the 10 FIFA games released since 2010.

10. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 cover

The absolute worst of the worst.

While the shiny graphics were aesthetically-pleasing, the gameplay was simply woeful and the amount of glitches were simply laughable.

The introduction of goalkeeper movement sent frustration levels through the roof across the globe, while the La Croqueta skill move was essentially a cheat code.

Oh and you also had players spamming El Tornado crosses and scoring header after header after header. A truly horrifying experience, one which was all too focused on making money from Ultimate Team.

9. FIFA 20

FIFA 20 cover

It hasn't improved too much this year, sadly.

The last FIFA of the decade is arguably just as frustrating, with slow, laggy gameplay leading to dull matches and no real sense of enjoyment.

Career Mode has been a disaster, Pro Clubs has not been redecorated and the introduction of VOLTA has done little to galvanise the series.

The strive for realistic football appears to be hindering FIFA.

8. FIFA 16

FIFA 16 cover

FIFA 16 was, to put it mildly, boring.

Glitches were commonplace and trying to score goals felt an almost impossible task at times due to the overpowered AI defending.

EA Sports sadly went way too far in trying to nerf the pace abuse which was rife in FIFA 15.

The graphics were stunning and there were a few new features, but all in all it was just an annoying game to play.

7. FIFA 17

FIFA 17 cover

The game which saw the introduction of 'The Journey' featuring Alex Hunter, but one which failed to deliver in so many departments.

Gameplay often felt scripted (as it does to this day on FIFA 20) and AI defending was once again a major issue.

Pace was back in the game, but every player on the pitch appeared to have it. Giant centre-backs keeping pace with lightning-quick wingers? That was the reality.

A slight improvement on FIFA 16, but not by much.

6. FIFA 18

FIFA 18 cover

EA Sports appeared to be slightly reversing the noticeable decline of the series with FIFA 18, but 19 and 20 made sure that it was only temporary.

FIFA 18 still had the balance between realism and entertainment, as well as not having glitches and gameplay bugs that pop up seemingly on a weekly basis.

It was also the first game to have 'Squad Building Challenges', probably the funnest part of Ultimate Team right now after the sharp decline in gameplay enjoyment in recent years.

EA Sports should look at FIFA 18 as a template to build on for FIFA 21!

5. FIFA 15

FIFA 15 cover

The game that will be remembered for one thing: Roma's sweaty front three!

Seydou Doumbia, Victor Ibarbo and Gervinho tortured our defences on Ultimate Team, but the game as a whole was pretty decent.

Pace was the weapon of mass destruction, but matches were often goal-filled and entertaining given the standard of play was lightning-quick.

It was far from from perfect and many controllers were hurled at walls due to strikers regularly turning into Usain Bolt, but there was definitely a considerable amount of enjoyment to be had.

4. FIFA 13

FIFA 13 cover

A great edition of the game.

The gameplay was slick and Ultimate Team received some truly groundbreaking innovations, most notably the introduction of Seasons, which allowed you to actually build a rank within the game mode.

It was the year the game - and Ultimate Team in particular - became the global phenomenon it is today and it was just great.

Far from perfect, but streets ahead of the latest editions of the game in terms of enjoyment.

3. FIFA 14

FIFA 14 cover

Arguably the last truly great FIFA.

The first edition of the game on the latest generation of consoles was an absolute hit, with new graphics and animations combining perfectly with the slightly tweaked gameplay from FIFA 13.

Ultimate Team was still fun and the World Cup DLC that arrived in the summer was a lovely way to round off a great game.

Headers and crossing were a tad overpowered, but it didn't induce the controller-smashing rage that has sadly become routine these days.

2. FIFA 12

FIFA 12 cover

An absolute beauty of a game!

EA Sports introduced 'tactical defending' and 'precision dribbling' for the first time and it added the perfect sense of realism, without striving too far to achieve it.

It still felt like a game and the likes of Career Mode and Pro Clubs were absolutely popping - as was Ultimate Team.

The only minor downside was the devastating effectiveness of finesse shots, but given the game was so great, we can let that slide!

1. FIFA 11

FIFA 11 cover

Back when FIFA was fun and not the lethargic, micro-transaction based entity that it has sadly become.

FIFA 11 was the second edition to have Ultimate Team, but back then the game mode was an absolute hoot.

The gameplay was actually quick and fun, the soundtrack was banging, it was the first game to utilise unique celebrations and it was just a great time to be a FIFA player.

PlayStation magazine even gave the game a 10/10 rating, which is pretty much unheard of these days.

Can we have those days back, please?

It's sad to see how the gameplay and user experience has sharply declined throughout the decade.

EA Sports can load the game with as many new features as they want, but if they cannot remedy the issues when actually out on the virtual pitch, their reputation could be tarnished forever.

We don't need a game that's so realistic it's boring, we just want to have fun!

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