Serena Williams wants equal prize money across all ATP and WTA tournaments

Tennis superstar Serena Williams believes that all tournaments should offer the same amount of prize money to both men and women.

Although pay is equal at Grand Slam events, women are currently paid significantly less than those on the ATP Tour throughout the year and Williams hopes to see that change.

The 38-year-old has often paid tribute to the efforts of WTA founder Billie Jean King and her constant battle for equality in both the men’s and women’s game respectively.

King is renowned for her activism within the sport and Williams expressed her plans to aid the 76-year-old legend in anyway she can.

“I feel like we all deserve what we deserve,” said Williams, per

I deserve to get paid the same amount. I don’t deserve less because I have boobs and they don’t. That’s definitely not the case. I worked just as hard since I was three. I think they worked hard since they were three, four, two, whatever the case is.

“Actually, I have a picture when I’m on the court and I’m in a stroller, so even longer than that. I definitely know my whole life has been dedicated toward being a top athlete, and I shouldn’t get paid less because of my sex.”

The 23-time Grand Slam champion went on to discuss her current form and how she never underestimates any opponent on tour no matter what ranking they are.

“I actually never underestimate anyone. Every time I go out to play I think, this is a match where anything can happen. Everyone, when they play me, they play pretty much amazing, really unbelievable.

“For me, I kind of have to be ready. Doesn’t matter from the first to the last round, I always have to be ready.”

The Florida-native believes that her success and longevity in the sport are not only due to her skills with a tennis racquet, but also her ruthless determination in training off the court.

“A lot of players or a lot of coaches tell me that Serena is so lucky. She doesn’t train. She just shows up and wins matches. God, if I could do that, I would. Oh, I would do it.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I think the older you get, the more fit you have to get to continue to compete at the highest level. I’m excited about it, because I love being fit.”

Williams is just one Grand Slam victory away from equalling the all-time record set by Margaret Court and will look to achieve this astonishing feat in January at the Australian Open.

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