Former WWE announcer Jim Ross believes wrestlers should be able to use steroids

Jim Ross

In the week that two WWE superstars have been suspended for 30 days for violating the Wellness Policy, legendary commentator Jim Ross has made some comments which are bound to split opinion.

On Tuesday, both Robert Roode and Primo were punished for their first offences, in what were the first violations of the Wellness Policy since 2016.

WWE's Wellness Policy came into effect in February 2006, a couple of months after the passing of Eddie Guerrero, who had had issues with drugs in the past.

A year later in August, the Policy went through its biggest scrutiny after 10 superstars were suspended for using an illegal pharmacy for steroid purchases - those who were guilty included top stars Edge and Randy Orton.

Edge and Randy Orton were just two of the many superstars who were suspended in 2007 for being linked to a steroids purchase

The fact that there had been no violations since 2016 until this week was a very good sign for WWE, and all top wrestling promotions will have similar policies in place in order to stop drug-taking in wrestling.

AEW commentator JR though believes the rules should be relaxed as the wrestling he works in isn't a real sport.

Look, it’s a performance art. It’s not the NFL, and I’m not so sure it makes a s**t even in the NFL," JR told Conrad Thompson on the 'Grilling J.R.' podcast, per WrestleZone.

"It has the same negative baggage that marijuana has. It has not been accepted widely, mass appeal… it has not been accepted widely enough to get that, ‘Ok, it’s alright.’"

JR then got political and said legalising steroids would make a hell of a lot of money.

"The bottom line as Stone Cold would say is a lot of money is going to the bottom line of these State coffers that need the money for school books and things of that nature," Ross continued.

Jim Ross believes that steroids should be legalised for wrestlers once again

"As long as that money is being put to good use for the children and educating our people for one thing and for health care, things of that nature, then hell yeah. Let’s create new money, new revenue.

It's a touchy subject and considering these kind of drugs could be linked to the deaths of several wrestlers over the years, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea.

Many top superstars though have used them and would argue that they help to heal injuries amongst other things - Hulk Hogan has admitted that he used them for 14 years of his career.

But JR has the right to his own opinion, regardless of how controversial it is - but WWE won't be relaxing their Wellness Policy anytime soon.

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