Goldberg wants a rematch with The Undertaker following their bout in Saudi Arabia

The Undertaker and Goldberg

Every WWE fan will remember the 2019 edition of Super Showdown for all the wrong reasons.

The 2018 version wasn't too bad when it was in Australia, and that was headlined by Triple H and The Undertaker, which led to the reformation of D-Generation X.

The Super Showdown branding though was revived for the Saudi Arabia supershow earlier this year though, and it was main evented by two legends of wrestling.

But as we all know though, it left a sour taste in everyone's mouths.

Goldberg and The Undertaker's long-awaited match went very awry, with the Hall of Famer giving himself a concussion through the match and several moves were botched.

That included a Tombstone Piledriver from Taker to finish the match, in which Goldberg's head actually jammed into the mat - something that isn't supposed to happen when taking a Tombstone.

Despite the disastrous finish, both men ended up re-appearing in WWE within two months - firstly Taker came back to team with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules a month later and then in August, Goldberg faced Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

The Undertaker threatens Goldberg with a Chokeslam at Super Showdown

It was Taker who proved more that he can still go in the ring following both mens matches, but Goldberg seemingly wants to prove something even further.

In a teaser clip for his appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin's WWE Network show Broken Skull Sessions on Sunday, Austin plays a game of word association with Goldberg, and when The Texas Rattlesnake said 'The Undertaker', Goldberg's response was telling.

"I owe him a receipt," Goldberg replied, which hints at the fact he wants another crack at his nemesis in the near future.

But does anyone want to see that in 2020?

The general consensus you would imagine would be a hard 'no', but the wrestling world can throw up a ton of surprises.

There are fans who would want the two to return only to put over fresher, younger talent and that's fair enough, but you get the feeling that if both men wanted a rematch - then both men get the rematch.

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