Premier League club's official Christmas jumpers: Ranking them from worst to best


What’s the best thing about Christmas?

Family? Food? Presents?

None of the above.

That’s because the best thing about Christmas is obviously Premier League football.

While most of Europe take a mini winter break over the festive period, the Premier League attempt to squeeze in even more matches.

This year, we have a full fixture list on Boxing Day - with all 10 matches being shown on Amazon Prime to look forward to.

Then there are games on the December 28, December 29, January 1 and January 2.

We can’t wait.

Arsenal FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League

And Premier League clubs are all getting into the Christmas spirit, it seems.

All 20 clubs have released official Christmas jumpers for this year. Some of them are rubbish. Some of them are awful. After all, Christmas jumpers aren’t supposed to be nice, are they?

So, ahead of the big day, we’ve decided to rank each and every one of them. It means very little but it’s just a bit of festive fun.

20 | Watford

Bottom of the Premier League table and bottom of the Christmas jumper table.

Yellow and black isn’t a great canvas to be fair but there’s nothing Christmassy about it.

The stag - not the most handsome of animals - is tucked away by each armpit and at the bottom of the jumper.

If you’re going to make a terrible club Christmas jumper, at least make it obvious which club it belongs to.

There’s simply no let-up for Watford fans this year.


19 | Manchester City

This is just shocking.

Why all the different colours? Sky blue and white is Christmassy enough, isn’t it?

There’s no logo with just the words ‘City’ on the front and back.

If people didn’t know who you supported, they would be asking which ‘City’ the jumper represented.


18 | Southampton

Southampton have just bought a Primark jumper and stuck their club badge over one of the snowflakes.

Poor from them.


17 | Crystal Palace

This just lacks imagination. We know they’re called the Eagles and the large bird features on their badge but why not swap it for a Christmas related animal like others have done?

The inclusion of the post-code SE25 is extremely needless and you can just imagine the grandparents coming up to you asking what ’Sess’ means.

There’s a real lack of Christmas connotations with just two baubles in sight and a few snowflakes.


16 | Wolves

Not enough Christmas for us and a tad scary with a large wolf on the front.

It’s certainly eye-catching and you can’t miss which club it belongs to with ‘Wolves’ written all over it.

But it’s a jumper you can probably wear all year round.


15 | Leicester

Leicester have made it all about themselves with two different foxes, footballs, the word ‘Foxes’ and ‘LCFC.’ The only nod to Christmas is a few trees and snowflakes.

Can we just talk about one of the images of a fox, too? It looks like a lizard.



14 | Liverpool

It could have been so much better.

Liverpool’s colours are red and white so why have they made the middle part of their jumper black? And the entire reverse of it is just red.

It’s a real disappointment.


13 | Newcastle

Newcastle have gone down the reindeer route and claim that ’Santa is a Geordie.’

There’s no club logo so if you don’t know what a ‘Geordie’ is, you don’t know that this jumper belongs to a Newcastle fan.

The reverse is just plain black which is very disappointing.


12 | Burnley

What’s with the dark sleeves? Why not just go all claret and blue? It’s a baffling decision.

We’ve been critical of clubs trying to hide their club badge but you can’t miss that this is a Burnley Christmas jumper with a great big ‘BURNLEY FOOTBALL CLUB’ written across the chest.

Just like their football side, don't expect any surprises.

p1dro0oflqq3a9rq1q487vplh0t.jpg11 | Aston Villa

Like many traditional Christmas jumper, it’s an absolute mess. Too many patterns that hurt the eyes.

Having said that, the football baubles are a nice touch, while ‘Villa’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ appear on the front and back to show you that it’s very much an Aston Villa Christmas jumper.


10 | Brighton 

Like some others, you can’t immediately identify which club the jumper belongs to. But there’s a sly Brighton badge at the bottom of the sweater.

The reindeer wearing a blue and white scarf is cute but there’s nothing too interesting about the whole package.


9 | Arsenal

Arsenal have the advantage of being able to use traditional red and white colours.

At first glance, this just seems like a normal Christmas jumper that you’d find it Primark. That’s until you notice Santa is sporting an Arsenal badge.

Having ‘Gunners’ on the back where a players’ name goes on a football shirt is a nice touch to differentiate it from a traditional Christmas jumper.


8 | Everton

Everton have been cheeky by going for a grey jumper despite wearing an all-blue kit. But we think it’s the right decision with the blue trim complimenting it well.

It doesn’t scream EVERTON but the inclusion of the Prince Rupert Tower as well as the coincidentally festive laurel wreaths makes everyone aware this is an official Everton jumper.

Not the only side to use football baubles - and you know that we’re a sucker for them.


7 | Sheffield United

The Blades have gone down the cute animal route.

This time, it’s a skiing penguin who, bizarrely, is also playing football.

The club badge on the left chest almost makes it look like a football shirt.


6 | Norwich

With Norwich having green and yellow colours, they don’t have too much to work with in terms of fashion.

But they’ve owned it.

It’s loud, it randomly features three penguins dancing and it wishes everyone a ‘Merry Christmas’ above the club’s crest.

It’s the Christmas jumper that we’d least like to wear which means it’s kind of done its job.


5 | Chelsea

Very Topman.

Remove the ‘Chelsea FC’ and the lion and this sells in Topman for £30.

Despite black and blue not exactly being festive colours, they’ve made it work.


4 | West Ham

There’s so much to like about West Ham’s entry.

A Christmas tree with Hammer baubles. The angel on top replaced by a Hammer.

And then a pun on the famous ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles song’ tweaked to ‘I’m forever blowing baubles.’ We’re not quite sure what ‘blowing baubles’ means but it’s a good effort.

The material does worry us, though. It doesn’t look very ‘woolly’ and the description says it’s 100% Acrylic. It sounds a bit cheap.


3 | Tottenham

Oh yes.

A smiling reindeer wearing a club tracksuit, scarf and woolly hat.

There’s nothing not to like.


2 | Bournemouth

Red and black - Bournemouth has the perfect canvas to design the perfect Christmas jumper.

And they’ve nailed it.

We love the symmetry. The club logo looks great front and centre and fits in seamlessly with the colour scheme, while the addition of their nickname is nice.

We’re no wool expert but it looks thick and quality, with the detailing immaculate.

Well played.


1 | Man Utd

Yes. Yes. Yes.

This oozes originality.

It features an instantly recognisable Old Trafford with Santa playing football on the pitch.

It also features a reindeer pulling a sleigh with the banner ‘Wrong One - Moyes Out.’ Oh sorry, it says ‘Santa is a red.’

On the back, are the words ‘Manchester United’ which are stitched in easily recognisable font with snowdrops on it.

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