Daniel Bryan returns at WWE TLC with a surprising new look

Daniel Bryan

WWE's final pay-per-view of the years - Tables, Ladders and Chairs - hasn't been anything truly groundbreaking, but it has seen the return of a face we haven't technically seen in so, so long.

After what transpired on SmackDown weeks ago, many expected Daniel Bryan to come back with a brand new look after being dragged under the ring by Bray Wyatt's alter-ego - The Fiend.

The Fiend pulled chunks of Bryan's hair out and put them on the ring-mat, giving a clear signal of what was probably going to come, but Bryan hadn't been seen since on WWE television.

Daniel Bryan was last seen being dragged under the ring on SmackDown by The Fiend

That gave the opportunity for The Miz to step in - a man who has never got on with Bryan but who had warned him of the dangers of Wyatt.

The Miz though was perfectly inter-twined in the story between Wyatt and Bryan though through the fact he had a family, something Wyatt lost when he split from Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

For the first time ever at TLC, we saw Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse character wrestle, and it was fun and cheery entrance compared to The Fiend's heavy metal walk-out.

Bray Wyatt was victorious as he defeated The Miz at TLC

As expected, Wyatt claimed the victory in the non-title match, but after pulling a huge mallet from under the ring that has previously been seen in the Funhouse, the lights started to dim in the arena, signalling that someone was coming.

It clearly wasn't The Fiend though as Wyatt couldn't be in two places at once - instead though it was a hooded figure in the ring who hit a Running Knee to the Universal Champion, and it was clear who it was.

Daniel Bryan had returned, and he was sporting the same haircut that he had when he was portraying 'The American Dragon', and it's the same way he looked when he started back in WWE in 2010.

It's unclear as to why either WWE or Bryan came to the decision to get rid of the beard and the long hair, but there may be no-one better than Daniel Bryan when it comes to freshening up a character.

Daniel Bryan downed Bray Wyatt and looks 10 years younger in the process

Many fans are looking forward to seeing what will happen when Bryan's rejuvenated state steps into the ring for a match for the first time - and it's seemingly all leading towards a date with The Fiend once again at the Royal Rumble.

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