Three winners and three losers from 2019's WWE TLC


TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs took place on Sunday night, the last WWE pay-per-view of 2019.

Eight matches took place on the TLC show with three titles being defended. However, not a single title changed hands.

The main event saw Asuka and Kairi Sane successfully defend the Women's Tag Team Championship vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Bray Wyatt defeated The Miz in their match, only for Daniel Bryan to return and attack the Universal Champion after the match. Bobby Lashley also got the better of Rusev in their match.

King Corbin won vs Roman Reigns thanks to the help of Dolph Ziggler and The Revival, but Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were defeated earlier in the night by The New Day.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo won their respective matches against Buddy Murphy and Andrade, but The Viking Raiders vs The O.C. ended in a double countout.

With the last WWE pay-per-view of the year officially in the books, let's take a look at the winners and losers of 2019's TLC.

Winner - Aleister Black


Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy shined bright in their match at TLC, but it will likely be Black that'll reap the benefits of the night for longer.

Black defeated Murphy at TLC despite his nose being busted open partway through the match. He hit the Black Mass to pick up the victory.

The win and performance at TLC showed the world that the former NXT Champion could be a top star on the Raw brand in 2020 if he is given the opportunity.

This match for Black could very well be the start of a push for him that sees him challenging for the United States Championship during WrestleMania season.

Loser - The Miz


While The Miz was never really expected to defeat Bray Wyatt at TLC, he quickly became an afterthought once his match had concluded.

He was brilliant in this match, dominating it throughout until the Universal Champion was able to hit a pair of Sister Abigails and pin him for the win.

Despite the effort put into the build for this match by The Awesome One and his family, The Miz was nowhere to be seen once Daniel Bryan returned to WWE and attacked Wyatt.

There's a chance The Miz could still be involved in this feud if WWE books a triple threat between himself, Wyatt and Bryan for the Universal title at the Royal Rumble, but right now it seems unlikely.

It looks like The Awesome One was just brought into the frame with Wyatt in order to allow WWE to extend the feud between Wyatt and Bryan until the new year and the Royal Rumble, which is a shame as his talent deserves more appreciation.

Winner - Big E


Big E and Kofi Kingston of The New Day successfully defended their SmackDown Tag Team Championship at TLC vs The Revival in what was one of the best matches of the night.

The New Day's win vs The Revival was a prime example as to why Kingston and even Big E should both be near the top of the card competing for singles titles in WWE.

Big E was impressive and showed toughness during the match, as he delivered a Big Ending off the ladder to Wilder, but his work throughout the contest proved he deserves another singles run.

It might be a while yet before he is given another singles opportunity, but TLC allowed Big E to provide WWE a gentle reminder of his capabilities, and he delivered.

He could easily be booked in a singles match vs Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, but it doesn't seem like WWE wants to go in this direction with The New Day member.

Loser - King Corbin 


While King Corbin did manage to beat Roman Reigns at TLC, he was able to do so thanks to the help of his friends Dolph Ziggler and The Revival.

While this way of winning is fine because he's the heel, it's clear as day now that at some point, Reigns is going to get the win back so that he enters WrestleMania season as strong as possible.

Corbin is arguably the top heel on SmackDown, but a huge win against The Big Dog without the need for outside interference could've done wonders for him. Now it's clear he's not going to be in a top title picture at WrestleMania.

King Corbin's victory on this night will be a distant memory in a few weeks' time once this feud concludes and Reigns comes out on top, which is a shame as The Lone Wolf has had a brilliant 2019.

Winner - The Kabuki Warriors


The main event match between The Kabuki Warriors vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair may have been a bit messy, but Asuka and Kairi Sane benefitted greatly from the win at a time where Raw needs more women at the top of their division.

Lynch and Flair have been two of the biggest women's stars in WWE over the past few years, so for Asuka and Sane to pick up the win shows just how tough and talented they are.

It's been rumoured for months that Asuka would be the next superstar to challenge The Man for the Raw Women's title, and their performance at TLC was a great way to lay down further groundwork for that match to happen.

If WWE feels it's not time to have Asuka challenge Lynch, The Kabuki Warriors can continue being the most dominant women's team in WWE, and they should have a fantastic WrestleMania season as a result.

Loser - The Revival


While a loss against The New Day is nothing to be ashamed about, it wasn't the last time we saw The Revival at TLC.

Later in the show, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder came out to support and assist King Corbin win his match against Roman Reigns.

A team as good as The Revival shouldn't be in the position they find themselves in as henchmen, but that's how WWE is likely going to book them until they sign new deals with the company.

Arguably, they should be champions on SmackDown, but they won't be so long as WWE wants to keep The New Day as singles stars. 

The booking they've received by WWE over the past year should just give them more reasons to leave the company once their contracts expire in a couple of months' time, which is a shame.

With TLC now in the books, we should find out sooner rather than later who are the true winners and losers of the show ahead of the Royal Rumble as we enter the new year.

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