Fan creates the ultimate WWE playlist on Spotify featuring over 500 songs


The superstars of the WWE world have introduced us to some of the most catchy and recognisable songs of all time.

If you’re a fan of the sport, there is no doubt that even the introduction of some of the songs will be enough to send you through a rollercoaster of nostalgia.

But what if we told you that there was a way that you can get all your favourite WWE songs in one ultimate playlist?

Well, there is now.

A superfan of the sport has compiled all the best songs from the sport in one place on Spotify for hours and hours of pure memories.

It features songs from entrance themes, pay-per-views, promos, gaming titles and much more.

The hero, who claims the task literally took him the whole day to make, is Dean Puckering. He has certainly received the backing of other wrestling fans too. On Spotify, he gained a substantial following of 3,260 followers after making the extensive playlist that features over 500 songs.

The track includes some of the most recognisable songs from the sport, including; John Cena’s 'The Time Is Now', Triple H’s ‘The Game’, Christian’s ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ and Randy Orton’s ‘Voices’ among many, many others.

Even if you aren’t the biggest WWE fan, you can enjoy great music from the likes of Johnny Cash, Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, Snoop Dogg, Billie Eilish and there is a fair share of ACDC in there.

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Supporters were blown away by the competency of the playlist, with many taking to Reddit to commend Puckering.

McCaw420 posted: "Nice work, broski! Appreciate the effort. I am following this on Spotify and will let you know if I notice anything missing. Looks pretty comprehensive to me."

While another fan said: "Scrolling through those song names alone was a mad nostalgia trip. Cheers for putting this together. Definitely holding onto this one."

The entire day of sifting through the WWE world, it seems, was well worth it.

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