Formula 1 drivers decide their top 10 of the season


Lewis Hamilton dominated the 2019 Formula 1 season, finishing just short of 100 points ahead of second place in the Drivers’ Championship.

The Brit recorded seven more wins that any other driver to become a six-time world champion; he is now just one championship win away from equalling the record of the legendary Michael Schumacher.

With that being said, though, how did his fellow racers rate his year?

Well, privately asked each driver to rank their fellow racers in order of how well they have performed this year.

Each driver was told that their vote would remain anonymous and that they can include themselves in the rankings. However, the site revealed that – rather interestingly – not all the racers chose to rate themselves.

Each driver had to name their top 10 for the year, with the scoring system paralleling that of the actual scoring system used to decide the championship: with first getting 25 points down to one point for the driver in 10th.

They then used the votes to compile a new drivers’ choice top 10. You might think that the chart would match that of the official Drivers’ Championship, but there are some notable differences.

Obviously, Hamilton came out on top. His teammate Valtteri Bottas – who finished second in the championship with four wins – was not ranked as highly by his fellow peers.

Instead, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc of Red Bull and Ferrari finished second and third respectively.


Bottas, who had one less win than the other two combined this season, fell to fifth place in the rankings. He was behind the seemingly popular Carlos Sainz Jr, who climbed up three places into fourth.

After Bottas, in sixth came Daniel Ricciardo, who finished just inside the top 10 in the actual rankings – yet another driver who climbed three places under the opinion of the ones behind the wheel.

Britain’s Lando Norris moved from 11th all the way up to seventh, with the drivers believing that he had a better year respective to the car he was driving than Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

The German, who finished inside the top five in the championship rankings, fell to eight under the ruling of his fellow racers.


There is one man, though, that defied the Drivers’ Championship table more than any other.

George Russell climbed from the very summit of the rankings into ninth. The Brit – who failed to earn a single point in the entire year – clearly impressed his competitors with a Williams team that managed just one point all season.

France’s Pierre Gasly took the last spot in the top 10, dropping three places from seventh after one podium finish.

The two to drop out of the top 10 were Alexander Albon and Sergio Perez.

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