WWE edits Dean Ambrose's name out of video honouring The Shield's debut


WWE has surprisingly edited Dean Ambrose's name out of The Shield's iconic debut at Survivor Series seven years ago.

Earlier this week, WWE released a new WWE Top 10 video with the best debuts of the past decade.

Unsurprisingly, Roman Reigns', Seth Rollins' and Dean Ambrose's debut as The Shield at 2012's Survivor Series was included, but it was edited in a notable way.

WWE fans watching the video noticed that WWE had edited Ambrose's name out of Michael Cole's commentary of the moment, while Reigns' and Rollins' names remained.

The moment is supposed to show Cole mentioning all three members of The Hounds of Justice by name, as well as mentioning they're from NXT as they powerbombed Ryback through the announce table.

However, in the Top 10 video, which you can watch for yourself below, WWE condenses Cole's play-by-play, and they also edited out the part where he said Ambrose's name.

The mention is still included in the Survivor Series 2012 replay on the WWE Network.

A bit of an unnecessary move by WWE, and a bit of a petty when you think about it, as any wrestling fan would know why Ambrose's name isn't included.

Ambrose left WWE earlier this year as he wasn't happy with the booking direction of his character. He allowed his contract to expire, leaving the company on good terms.


However, a few months later, Ambrose, now named Jon Moxley, signed a deal with WWE's newest rivals, AEW.

Clearly, WWE doesn't want further attention being brought to Moxley now he's not in WWE, which is a bit of a petty move since he played a big part in The Shield's success straight away from their debut.

It's strange that WWE would treat someone who left the company the right way with the uttermost respect in such a way. Then again, they've done similar things in the past to make sure the focus is solely on them and not on anyone else.

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