Mehdi Benatia describes the time he found out that Cristiano Ronaldo isn't 'a normal person'

There’s not really any doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is on another level to everyone else.

You only need to look at his career in football for that, where he’s won nearly everything under the sun while destroying goal-records in the process.

There were 450 Real Madrid goals in 438 games, over 100 for Manchester United before that, and 39 for Juventus already.

He’s delivered five Champions League, the European Championships and the Nations League, too.

In short, these aren’t the achievements of your run-of-the-mill professional athlete, let alone person.

Ronaldo has dedicated himself to football and is well known to be one of the hardest working players around.

But even now, at the age of 34, he’s surprising his teammates with his work ethic.

Ex-Juventus defender Mehdi Benatia recently told a story to French radio station RMC where he finally recognised that Ronaldo ‘wasn’t normal’.

“For the game against Bergamo we [Ronaldo and him]] were the two unused substitutes because three days later we were going to play again and the coach wanted to make rotations,” Benatia said, per AS.

“When we were on the bus back, Cristiano sent me a message: ‘What are you going to do now?’ I told him: ‘It’s eleven pm. I’m going home. Why?'”

Ronaldo’s reason for asking? Training, of course.

“Do you feel like doing some exercise in the gym? I didn’t sweat and I need it. Are you coming?”, he apparently asked Benatia.

The Moroccan replied that it was 11pm and he just wanted to ‘get home and watch TV’.

“At that moment I realized that Cristiano is not a normal person,” Benatia explained. “When you work with him, you respect him more because you see that he sacrificed his whole life for football.”

Ronaldo certainly is one of a kind – and we may never see anyone else quite like him.

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