Cristiano Ronaldo's header v Sampdoria is even more remarkable in slow motion

  • Rob Swan

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored many remarkable goals during his illustrious career – but his latest ranks up there among the very best.

The Portuguese forward, who turns 35(!) in February, netted one of the most extraordinary headers ever seen for Juventus against Sampdoria.

On the stroke of half-time, with the scores locked at 1-1, Ronaldo somehow got on the end of Alex Sandro’s cross with a leap that has been described by many as ‘superhuman’. He then powered the ball into the net past Emil Audero.

It was a goal that very few footballers could have scored.

BBC Sport confirm that Ronaldo reached a height of 8.39ft (2.56m) – a leap of 71cm – while jumping to meet Sandro’s cross. This would be a remarkable feat for any footballer, let alone a player in his mid-30s.

But Ronaldo, as we all know, is no ordinary footballer.

It’s moments like this that ensure he will be remembered as one of the sport’s all-time greats and a true one-off.

You may have seen Ronaldo’s header from various angles – but you need to watch the slow-motion version. It’s unbelievable how he stayed in the air for so long.

Check it out…

Seriously – how is that even possible? The man can even defy gravity.

Juventus boss Maurizio Sarri summed it up after the match, telling reporters: “Ronaldo remained in the air for an infinite time.”

Gary Lineker, meanwhile, tweeted: “Ronaldo has just scored a far post header where his feet were higher than the crossbar….it’s only a slight exaggeration. Ridiculous leap.”

Ronaldo also joined in the fun on social media, tweeting: “CR7 AIR JORDAN!! ✈️😅 “

Even Michael Jordan would have been proud of that leap, Cristiano.

What more can you say about this man?

At 34 years old, he continues to surprise and amaze in equal measure.

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