‘Worst tackle of the year’ sparks brawl in Argentina’s lower leagues

  • Rob Swan

We’re almost at the end of 2019 – but a late contender for the title of ‘worst tackle of the year’ has just arrived in the nick of time.

The incident from Argentina’s lower leagues features a tackle so brutal that it’s gone viral on social media.

Lucas Torres is the lad responsible for the appalling challenge, which was committed during the Liga Lujanense divisional final between La Union de Jaguel and Social Atletico Television (SAT).

As the clock ticked down the final whistle, SAT player Torres snapped in stoppage time with his team trailing 4-1.

Per The Sun, Torres chased down rival Matias Casco, who was wiped out with a challenge that would even make Roy Keane wince.

Casco was left in a heap on the touchline and his teammates immediately raced over to confront Torres.

A mass brawl then ensued, with players and other members of staff involved in the melee.

Torres’ challenge has been described by some media outlets as the ‘worst tackle of the year’ and, in truth, it’s hard to disagree.

Watch it here…

The match finished moments later but further verbals were exchanged between the two sets of players in the changing rooms.

It’s also emerged that this wasn’t Torres’ first major offence in a professional football match.

Back in 2016, the Argentine was slapped with a 24-day suspension for assaulting a referee while representing another club from his home country, Lugano.

Torres reportedly shoved the match official in the face after he was shown a red card, and had to be restrained by four men to prevent him ‘causing further harm’.

Sounds like the guy has some issues he needs to resolve.

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