All 20 Premier League clubs' best looking kit of the decade

West Ham United v Arsenal FC - Premier League

A second full decade of Premier League football is coming to a close.

Here at GIVEMESPORT, we've been reflecting on the last 10 years of sport as the 2020s creep over the horizon and England's top division has certainly given us plenty to talk about.

And after discussing countless teams and players of the decade, we've now decided to focus on an area which has gained prominence as the years have gone by: kits.

This season has been a high watermark for jerseys with Arsenal's new Adidas range being particularly praised as well as Nike's series of vintage-inspired third kits.

But this is the whole decade we're talking about here and it made us wonder: what is the best kit that each Premier League club has worn between 2010 and 2019?

The decade's best kits 

Trust us when we say that proved an unenviable task and even after trawling through hundreds of designs, debate and controversy is inevitable. So, without further ado, check out our picks:

Note: Eligibility is dictated by whether the kit was worn during any Premier League match during the decade as opposed to necessarily being released/designed post-2009.

Arsenal: 2019/20 away kit

Oh baby. Adidas knocked it out of the park by reviving the iconic 'bruised banana' design with a modern twist and it blows anything that Puma ever produced out of the water.

Spoiler alert: This is one of the best kits on the list in general and it was always going to take something strong to defeat Arsenal's similarly smart 2010-11 and 2013-14 away jerseys.


Aston Villa: 2013/14 home kit

Claret and blue are a match made in heaven and Macron produced a fine effort here. We're big fans of the striped collar, shoulder branding, sleeve design and complimentary sponsor.

Their away kit that season actually came a close second. We love the four squares of burgundy and white, but the 'Dafabet' logo sticks out like a sore thumb in this instance.


Bournemouth: 2014/15 away kit

White and gold shouldn't work on a football shirt, but it just looks so darn classy on Bournemouth here. 

None of their home jerseys caught our eye quite like this design, but an honourable mention is definitely due for their 50:50 blue and black away strip in their maiden Premier League year.


Brighton & Hove Albion: 2014/15 home kit

If you're looking at his kit and wondering what's so special about it, don't worry because we're not that excited about it either. It turns out Brighton have been lacking in the jersey department.

But of all their white and blue efforts over the years, we think this number from 2014/15 is particularly smart and proof that sometimes less is more. 


Burnley: 2018/19 away kit

Again, Burnley haven't been spoilt when it comes to attractive kits and there's something about their darker claret and blue combination that can't hold a candle to Aston Villa's.

But their away kit last season was superb. You can't go wrong with all back; the texturing fleshes out the design and the collar rounds it off nicely. Shame the sponsor is such a mess, though.


Chelsea: 2019/20 away kit

Lovely jubbly. We named this as our number one Premier League away kit this season for a reason and the white, red and blue collision has only looked fresher and crisper with age.

Chelsea actually do better than most when it comes to home kits, though, and we want to tip our hats to their smart designs in 2014/15 and 2016/17.


Crystal Palace: 2018/19 home kit

It's credit to how perfectly this shirt has been designed that we're giving it top spot despite the monstrosity that is the 'ManBetX' logo stumbling across the stripes.

We're a fan of this jersey for much of the reasons we love the 2015/16 home strip also, but the bolder uses of yellow and texturing on the red stripes give this design the gold medal.


Everton: 2013/14 away kit

We can't get enough of this design from Nike in a year where they delivered three superb strips for the Toffees.

While so many clubs pick a garish yellow, this particular hue blends beautifully with the Everton blue. The straight-line bordering looks so smart and we have a soft spot for this variant club badge.

Aston Villa v Everton - Premier League

Leicester City: 2019/20 away kit

Using pink on a football shirt is always a serious risk - see Everton (2010/11) and United (2018/19) - but this Adidas release should serve as a lesson on how to use the colour.

The darker pink pattern across the chest, iconic black stripes on the shoulder and pinked-out badge are enough to defeat the many, brilliant blue and gold home shirts we've seen since 2010.


Liverpool: 2009/10 away kit

Maybe we've succumbed to the nostalgia of this kit slightly, but there's something about the image of Fernando Torres racing down the Old Trafford pitch in black and gold that is just incomparable.

The Adidas logo in the centre, the Carlsberg sponsorship written in gold, the slight touch of red on the shoulders and then gold shorts if you're lucky... what a gorgeous shirt.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League

Manchester City: 2011/12 away kit

While this won't win awards for originality - we're surprised AC Milan didn't launch a copyright strike - it could win awards for looking so darn good.

The coordination of gold across the Umbro, Etihad and City insignia leaps brilliantly off the black and red, while the transition from vertical to horizontal stripes on the sleeves is handled tidily.


Manchester United: 2019/20 home kit

Calls us nostalgists, but most of the best jerseys give a tasteful nod to what came before and this emotes the treble-winning home shirt to just the right degree.

We want to give a special shoutout to both the home and away efforts from 2010/11; they just can't compete with the contemporary design that lets United's iconic red do the talking.


Newcastle United: 2018/19 away kit

The strip this was based upon is one of the most iconic in Premier League history and this respectful remix certainly did it justice.

The navy and burgundy hoops are such an underrated colour combination with the gold; we just wish we could swap out the messy 'Fun 88' sponsor for none other than Newcastle Brown Ale.


Norwich City: 2013/14 home kit

We feel sorry for Norwich having to deal with yellow and green for their designs every year, so it feels pretty miraculous that we've ended up with a home strip as our choice here.

That being said, much like the Villa shirt from the same here, the dimensions are all perfectly coordinated and Aviva is probably the only logo in the world that doesn't look out of place.


Sheffield United: 2013/14 home kit

We put our hands up on this one, because it might be the worst out of the 20.

Clearly missing the Premier League the most has hurt the Blades in terms of their designs and this effort from Macron is just about neat enough to kill competition from this year's away strip.

Hull City v Sheffield United - FA Cup Semi-Final

Southampton: 2013/14 away kit

A lesson to shirt designers: if you're ever struggling for ideas with an away shirt, for god's sake just use black as the main colour. It looks tidy every time.

The deep neck triangle really brings out the central Adidas logo, complimenting the shoulder stripers in the process, and stands out boldly on the pitch unlike it's gold-lettered, home cousin.


Tottenham Hotspur: 2016/17 away kit

This might just be one of the most underrated kits in Premier League history and it sadly seemed to be worn less than its lurid, all-gold accompanying piece.

The blue and gold mixes into a similar cocktail as the Newcastle strip we love and we're particular fans of the double hooping around the sleeves. Give this jersey the respect it deserves.


Watford: 2019/20 away kit

Yeh... Watford haven't been blessed with too many exciting kits over the last decade and most of their home shirts in particular just leave us shrugging out shoulders.

As a result, we're reluctantly picking their current away shirt which keeps it simple and uses the same, smart template that also looks so clean on the Sheffield United version.


West Ham United: 2019/20 away kit

Speaking of contemporary away jerseys, West Ham fans were left rubbing their hands together after Umbro released three belting kits and we could have easily selected the home version.

However, there's something about the white and burgundy release that looks so crisp and the hooped stripes on the sleeves and collar give a subtle enough hint to the 1980s.


Wolverhampton Wanderers: 2014/15 home kit

Wolves have been seriously lacking quality away kits this decade and with most of their home shirt being much of a muchness, this one just happens to be the best.

We're by no means claiming this is a great jersey, but Puma did some nice work with the collar - it's unique, if nothing else - and the sponsor is far less conspicuous than its predecessor.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Carlisle United - Sky Bet League One

The good, the bad and the ugly

Quite the mixed bag, I'm sure you'll agree.

Whereas clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea had a wardrobe-full of contenders, the likes of Wolves and Watford had very little in the way of fashion statements since 2010.

However, with jersey designs taking on new importance this season, you can guarantee that designs will continue to improve and that the 2020s will have even more classics to offer.

Besides, for about £70 a pop, you'd flaming hope so...

West Ham United v Arsenal FC - Premier League
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