Seven bold WWE predictions for 2020


As we close the door on the year 2019, it's time to look ahead at what could happen in WWE in the year 2020.

2019 was a ground-breaking year for WWE, as we saw the company create history throughout the year in all areas.

The biggest event of the year was WrestleMania 35, which had the first-ever women's main event in WrestleMania history, a triple threat match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey.

Later in the year, as the brand split was re-established with SmackDown's move to Fox, NXT became the official third brand of WWE with its move from being pre-recorded to live broadcast, and from the WWE Network to the USA Network.

2020 looks set to be an even bigger year for WWE as NXT becomes a stronger third brand and with WrestleMania 36 taking place in Tampa. Here are several bold predictions for the year ahead in WWE.

UK will host a PPV


Big WWE events have taken place in Australia and Saudi Arabia in recent years, so there's no reason why the UK can't have its own pay-per-view event in 2020.

The UK hasn't seen a WWE pay-per-view since way back in 2003 when Insurrextion came to Newcastle, so it's long overdue.

During a recent interview with GiveMeSport, Stephanie McMahon said WWE was looking into the opportunity of hosting a pay-per-view in the UK.

While she didn't give any guarantees, WWE is bound to host a pay-per-view in the UK soon thanks to the strong wrestling market in the UK. Fingers crossed it happens in 2020.

John Cena will become a 17-time world champion


John Cena is one of only two 16-time world champions as recognised by WWE, the other legend being the one and only Ric Flair.

It wouldn't be surprising if WWE goes one better and makes Cena a 17-time world champion in 2020, whether it be capturing the WWE title or the Universal title.

The better direction might be the WWE title, as it could mean he takes the title off Brock Lesnar, and therefore he wouldn't bury anyone in the process of creating history. 

Cena could then do a favour for WWE by dropping the title to one of the next two superstars in order to boost their stocks.

Samoa Joe or Drew McIntyre will win a world title


When John Cena drops his 17th world title, he should be dropping it to either Samoa Joe or Drew McIntyre, as they both have huge, untapped potential.

In a scenario were Cena is on Raw and captures the WWE title, Joe's and McIntyre's ability to be top heels should see them in the title picture to knock him down.

Cena hasn't had singles matches vs either superstar yet, but even if they don't face Cena, both The Destroyer and The Scottish Psychopath deserve world title wins as they're two of the best performers in WWE today.

Hopefully, whichever one captures the title first, will then go on to face the other down the line, as Joe vs McIntyre will be just as good of a match as well.

Women's division will receive a secondary title


WWE's Women's division now has its own tag team titles, Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank ladder match, and top titles for both Raw and SmackDown. If there's one major thing it's still lacking, it's a secondary women's title.

A secondary title in WWE's women's division will help to put more care and passion into storylines that don't involve either the Raw or SmackDown Women's Champion and the title's contenders.

A secondary title in the women's division could be used in conjunction with the Women's Tag Team titles, in order to make sure not all the secondary titles are on one brand at one time.

A Women's United States or Intercontinental title could help the women's division develop further in 2020 than what it already has in 2019.

NXT star will win a Royal Rumble match


With the rise of NXT over 2019, it wouldn't be surprising to see continue into 2020, possibly kicking off with an NXT superstar winning one of the Royal Rumble matches.

There's a chance an NXT star could win the men's Royal Rumble, but there's an even stronger chance an NXT star could win the women's Royal Rumble.

Shayna Baszler is one of the favourites to win the women's Royal Rumble, which would make her the first NXT star to do so if WWE keeps her off TV until then.

She could then go on to challenge for either the Raw or SmackDown Women's Champion for their title at WrestleMania, moving her over to the red or blue brand in the process.

205 Live will be officially cancelled


Over 2019, WWE has been given less and less attention to their 205 Live show and it wouldn't be surprising to see it disappear completely in 2020.

Throughout the past year, 205 Live shows have been rearranged and outright cancelled to the point where fans have wondered if the cruiserweight division will survive.

It now looks like the division will survive, but only on NXT. The cruiserweight roster will likely be split between Raw, SmackDown, NXT and NXT UK if 205 Live does come to an end. WWE would then spend 205 Live resources elsewhere, such as NXT UK and other NXT projects.

Hopefully WWE doesn't forget about their cruiserweights outright, as they can provide some of the best wrestling in the entire WWE.

WWE's Four Horsewomen will have a match


If there's one big match WWE is yet to book, it's a match between all of WWE's Four Horsewomen, that being Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley.

WWE has made a big deal out of the Four Horsewomen of WWE and their friendship, so it would make sense that they eventually book this match.

WWE fans saw this match when all four women were in NXT, but it would be great to see this match again now they've all grown so much as superstars on the main roster.

This match could also be used as a way to unite the WWE Four Horsewomen again before they battle against the MMA Four Horsewomen of Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

2020 is going to be a big year for WWE, and it will be interesting to see if any of these bold predictions actually happen.

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