A Triple Threat match to determine Bray Wyatt's next challenger for WWE Title has been set

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has terrorised several superstars since he returned to our screens this year, but recently he's been getting a lot more personal with his attacks.

He got the better of both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins earlier in the year, but he's since targeted both Daniel Bryan and The Miz, and his motives have been pretty clear.

Wyatt targeted Bryan for turning his back on him FIVE years ago when he brought him into the Wyatt Family very briefly, and he's also gone after The Miz for trying to assist Bryan and the fact he has a loving family himself.

It is some incredible storytelling from WWE and the fact that Wyatt competed for the first time at TLC under his Firefly Funhouse character shows that they could go down multiple avenues with him.

Wyatt didn't defend his belt at TLC against The Miz, but it looks like his next defence will be at the Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan opened up SmackDown Live

Bryan opened up SmackDown last night and spoke of how his daughter cried when she saw how he looked after what The Fiend did to him - ripping his hair and beard out.

When Bryan called out Wyatt, he came face-to-face with The Miz instead, who said he was going to take the one thing he loves the most - the Universal Championship.

That tickled Baron Corbin though, who confronted both men and said he was the first in-line for a title shot, and mocked the two men's parenting skills.

After being assisted by Dolph Ziggler in a beat-down of the two, a tag team match was set for the main event, in which Miz and Bryan reluctantly teamed up, but then defeated Corbin and Ziggler, with Dolph tapping to the Figure Four Leg Lock.

The Miz makes Dolph Ziggler tap out to the Figure Four Leg Lock

And during SmackDown, it was announced that Bryan, Corbin and Miz will go at it next week on SmackDown for the right to face Wyatt at the Royal Rumble.

Wyatt would have the last say on the night, with his creepy laugh sounding out around the arena with his three potential challengers sat in the ring.

Whoever wins next week - and we are predicting it to be Bryan - it should be an amazing match!

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