Edge refutes rumours that he's returning to a WWE ring in 2020

WWE Hall of Famer Edge

The rumours of WWE Hall of Famer Edge returning to the ring have continued to rumble this week.

The Canadian retired back in 2011 when he was World Heavyweight Champion, owing to a neck injury that he said could paralyse him if he continued to wrestle.

He's made sporadic appearances over the years but had never gotten physical with anyone, until this year at SummerSlam where he Speared the living daylights out of Elias in-front of his home crowd of Toronto.

It was a complete surprise to see Edge do his finishing move on anyone some eight years after his retirement, but further details of his whereabouts made it make sense a bit more.

PW Insider reported in October that Edge had made a visit to Pittsburgh on 'WWE business', and that is perhaps coincidentally where WWE's head of medical Joseph Maroon is based.

He shut down those rumours back then, but a journalist from the same website has caused a further stir by doubling down on his claims - and he's even said Edge has signed a new deal with WWE that has a 'nice upside'.

Edge Spears Elias at SummerSlam earlier this year

Mike Johnson in the same article responded to a fan question by saying he believes that Edge will return, potentially at the Royal Rumble in January, which then sent the rumour mill into overdrive once again.

It only takes one comment from the man himself to either shoot down the speculation or to keep people guessing, but the 11-time world champion has opted to do the former by tweeting 'Still not and still not. Period.'

That can be taken as he's still not been cleared to compete, and he's still not returning to wrestling, unless he is talking about something else, which is improbable.

The source of the comments is usually reliable, so maybe Edge is just trying to swerve and surprise the fans for when Rumble-time approaches.

But don't get your hopes up WWE fans, if Edge says it isn't happening, then it probably isn't. But you can never say never in the world of sports entertainment...

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