The top 10 WWE Superstars of the decade (2010-2020)

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in 2012

The decade is almost over and there has been a whole evolution when it comes to WWE.

When you cast your mind back to 2010, the likes of The Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista and many others being full-time performers meant the business had so much star power to appeal to all markets.

Whilst only one of those men remain a full-time superstar, many things have changed including the prominence of women stars in main event roles.

We've had stars like Kurt Angle return to the company after so long away, and big names like Ronda Rousey debut and make their presence felt - and narrowing the best superstars of the last decade down to 10 was difficult.

But based on the longetivity, titles won and impacts made, we've compiled a list of the most successful and important wrestlers since 2010.



Debuting in WWE just before the start of this decade, Sheamus became WWE Champion just a couple of weeks prior to 2010, and since then he's pretty much won everything there is to win in the WWE.

A four-time world champion, King Of The Ring winner, a victor of the Royal Rumble match, Mr. Money In The Bank, a five-time Tag Team Champion and a two-time United States Champion - he only needs an Intercontinental Championship reign to complete the Grand Slam.

He could very well do that in 2020, but some of his memorable past work included feuds with Daniel Bryan and Big Show, and more recently he has been in a successful tag team with Cesaro.

Here's to plenty more years of Brogue Kicks.


Charlotte Flair

Born into wrestling royalty, Charlotte Flair was always going to be successful in WWE.

Debuting in NXT in 2013, it wouldn't be long before she reigned supreme as their Women's Champion, holding it for nearly a year between 2014 and 2015.

She famously moved to the main roster with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch as part of the 'Women's Revolution', and there's been no stopping her title reigns since.

Flair is a 10-time Women's Champion and has had memorable feuds with the likes of Banks, Lynch, Bayley and others, and she truly deserves a place on this list.


John Cena

You could successfully argue that Cena's best work came before the start of this decade, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be on this list.

Cena's decade started with big feuds against Batista and the debuting faction The Nexus, and the next few years saw him go head-to-head with none-other than The Rock.

He's also been rivals with the likes of Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Randy Orton, AJ Styles and so many more superstars, it would be easier to name ones he hasn't faced in the last 10 years.

In that time-frame he's won the Royal Rumble, the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship a mammoth 11 times, brought prestige back to the United States Title in 2015 with his open challenges, and you still feel he's got more to offer if he ever returns.


AJ Styles

So there's a strong case for The Phenomenal One not being on here at all seeing as though it's not even been four years since he debuted - but who really expected AJ Styles to ever be in WWE?

From the moment he appeared at the Royal Rumble, Styles felt like a big deal, and within eight months he had become the WWE Champion.

Memorable feuds with John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe have occurred, and he's even had time to re-unite The Club on Monday Night Raw.

Due to how entertaining he is and his numerous title reigns, it's hard to leave him off the list, although it could be argued that he doesn't deserve to be as high as Cena or Charlotte.


The Miz

When you think of a modern-day company man who can do it all, you think of The Miz.

He's re-invented himself numerous times, is a Grand Slam champion, a cross-platform sensation and can be used as a spokesperson for the WWE in the wider media - have we missed anything off?

His feud with Daniel Bryan, which still exists to this very day, started at the beginning of the decade, in the year of 2010 where he won his one-and-only WWE Championship.

An eight-time Intercontinental Champion, four-time Tag Team Champion, an all-round solid hand on the microphone, The Miz still has years ahead of him and there's no reason why he can't reach the heights he did at the start of the decade.


Randy Orton

Randy Orton has been a WWE superstar for 17 years, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

At the start of the decade, Orton was still a part of Legacy with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, and he was a five-time world champion.

As we near the year 2020, The Viper added eight more reigns to that number, and he's had great feuds with the likes of Christian, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and many more stars.

He's altered between a babyface and a heel on multiple occasions, and even in the last few years when he's not around every week, he's still making the fans pop with his RKOs out of nowhere.


Chris Jericho

Jericho actually departed WWE for a second time in 2010 due to commitments to his band Fozzy, but he would return a year later to feud with CM Punk in a very memorable rivalry.

Y2J has come and gone in the last decade, and his returns are always something to behold.

He's won many titles in the last 10 years but perhaps his most memorable WWE run was alongside Kevin Owens, where they were the top dogs of Raw between 2016 and 2017 for many months.

Of course, Jericho has since left WWE to be a full-time star in All Elite Wrestling, but his influence and rebirth under Vince McMahon can't be downplayed.


CM Punk

He may only have been with the WWE for three full years of this decade, but Punk is still one of the most influential wrestlers of the decade.

The Straight Edge Society brought Punk into the decade, but he then became the leader of The New Nexus in late 2010 once the Society had disbanded.

But it was the 'Summer of Punk' in 2011 that really made him become a star - and the pipe-bomb on the Raw stage in particular that made him become a phenomenon.

From THAT WWE Championship win at Money In The Bank, to being the champion for 434 days between 2011 and 2013, Punk was a top player until his departure in 2014.

Could we see Punk return to the ring at the start of the next decade? It's certainly possible...


Roman Reigns

He may divide wrestling fans, but you cannot argue that Roman Reigns is one of the most successful superstars of the 2010s.

Whether he's been over-pushed because of his family ties is subjective, he's got the look, the personality and when he's given the chance to be himself - the skills on the microphone.

Just over a year after his main roster debut in 2012, there were signs that WWE were grooming him to be the next big star with a huge showing at the 2014 Royal Rumble, and nearly six years on, Reigns has won the accolades to put him high on this list.

A four-time world champion, a Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion also, Reigns has won it all and he may be still at the top of the WWE hierarchy at the end of the next decade.


Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan recently re-appeared in WWE looking like he had stepped out of a time machine with his 2010 haircut, and coincidentally we have him as the greatest superstar of the previous 10 years.

Bryan was already a huge name on the independent circuit and in Ring Of Honor before his move to WWE, but he almost ruined it by being fired after going 'too far' when debuting with The Nexus.

He was given a second chance though and he's reaped the rewards ever since.

Whilst he didn't do anything mind-blowing in the first couple of years of the decade - which included an 18-second loss to Sheamus at WrestleMania - it was 2012 where the screw was turned, and the YES Movement really began.

Daniel Bryan stands triumphantly at WrestleMania 30

From his weird but effective teaming with Kane, to his organic rise into the WrestleMania 30 main event, Bryan deserved his big moment and it was what the fans wanted.

Of course in 2018 he wrestled his last match for four years and retired, but he persisted in trying to get cleared and when he returned last year, it was like he had never been away.

He managed to re-invent himself last year and make the fans who once adored him despise him, and now he's back to being a babyface and the WWE Universe are loving him again - that is the kind of qualities he possesses to make him the greatest WWE star of the 2010s.

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