Rats stopped goal-line technology being used during Nice vs Toulouse


VAR definitely hasn't enjoyed a great start in its debut season in the Premier League, with a number of high-profile controversies leading to many of us scratching our heads as to how it's being used by officials.

Despite referees being able to consult pitch-side monitors in other competitions such as the Champions League, Premier League referees haven't been given that option, and instead rely on interpretation from officials not at the ground.

Inconsistency around areas such as handball has been a major cause of disbelief for a lot of fans, whilst goals have been harshly ruled out for the tightest of offside margins instead of giving the attacker the benefit of the doubt.

One piece of technology that has been a major success since its introduction has been goal-line technology though. Just don't remind Frank Lampard about that 'goal' against Germany a few years before its introduction.

Unlike VAR, which is often time-consuming, unclear and continues to divide football fans up and down the country, goal-line technology provides a fast and un-debatable decision to the referee and fans.

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As a result, the technology has been widely used across Europe's top leagues, but that wasn't the case in one game in France's Ligue 1 last night, and the reason is ridiculous.

Rats chewed their way through the wires used for the technology in the Allianz Riviera stadium before the match between Nice and Toulouse, making it unusable. You can forgive the organisers for not thinking of bringing any spare kit!

Get French Football News tweeted the following on Saturday:

"Goal-line technology will not be operational in tonight's Ligue 1 clash between Nice & Toulouse because rats have eaten through some vital electric cables. (France Bleu)."

Nice weren't too bothered about the lodgers in their stadium though, winning 3-0 to heap further misery on Toulouse, who continue to sit at the bottom of the table.

The hosts meanwhile have enjoyed a better start to the season and are now in 10th place.

They might want to clear their tenants out quickly though, as they might be needing the technology in a game against tougher opponents in the future.

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