Samoa Joe becomes the latest victim of Seth Rollins and AOP's beatdowns on Raw

Samoa Joe is beaten down by AOP on Raw

If you're one to read spoilers on the odd occasion where Monday Night Raw is taped in advance, you will have already known what was going to happen on last night's episode.

But if you didn't, then you're about to find out about what could be one of the most interesting turns of the year - and we're almost at the end of it.

Since turning heel a couple of weeks ago, no-one dares to cross Seth Rollins, and if they do, they will get punished.

He's now got Akam and Rezar - the AOP - beside him to do his dirty work for him, and he's almost acting like a mob boss, and he's playing a role he's incredibly good at.

Kevin Owens became the first victim on the Raw before TLC, and Rey Mysterio followed last week, leading to Rollins somehow getting a United States Championship shot against the latter in the main event last night.

Earlier in the night though, KO called out Rollins and the AOP, and it did not end well as he was brutalised by the powerhouse duo.

Those actions led to Samoa Joe labelling them as 'thugs' on commentary in a very powerful promo - something which he would pay the price for later on in the night.

With Rollins competing in his match against Mysterio, the champion had hit the 619 and was gearing up to hit a Frog Splash, only for AOP to interfere and stop their 'leader' from being defeated.

Rey Mysterio is dragged up the stage by AOP

As they dragged Rey's body up the ramp and to the announcers table, Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler both scarpered, but Joe would not be moved, as he got up, took his jacket off and squared up.

Rollins ordered his goons to finish the job, and they did just that, picking apart Joe and slamming him through the table, whilst the Kingslayer left Mysterio laying with a Stomp onto the stage.

That's three top stars the trio have now dismantled, which means that a six-man tag is probably coming soon, but it also means Joe should now be cleared to return to action.

Samoa Joe is slammed through the commentary table by AOP

He's been injured since September and whilst he's an asset to the commentary team, he belongs in the ring, and it looks like he's returning as a bad-ass babyface who wants revenge on Rollins, Akam and Rezar.

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