Santa Claus wins the 24/7 Championship in New York City on Monday Night RAW

Santa Claus gets in between Akira Tozawa and R-Truth on Raw

Once upon a time in 2019, the 24/7 Championship was genuinely one of the most exciting and compelling storylines on WWE television.

Despite being panned when originally introduced by Mick Foley, the title was made somewhat important by a feud between Drake Maverick and R-Truth, and Truth's general escapades elevated every segment the belt featured in.

But since the WWE Draft in October, where Truth and his sidekick Carmella were split up and sent to different brands, the 24/7 Title has been truly lost in the shuffle.

Instead of creative angles, we've just had people chasing it backstage and ringside, mainly superstars who have no actual plans to be used by Vince McMahon.

Truth traded title reigns with the Singh Brothers - Samir and Sunil - recently, before before losing it to WWE's 'Senior Account Manager', and then to iconic NASCAR driver Kyle Busch.

R-Truth has become synonymous with the 24/7 Championship in 2019

One man who has been chasing the title recently though is Japanese star Akira Tozawa, and he just so happened to be in New York City at the same time as Truth this weekend.

And scenes played back on Raw showed that he rolled-up Truth outside of the Rockefeller Center to start his first reign, but it wouldn't last long.

As the two chased each other to Columbus Circle in the city, they were split up by none-other than Santa Claus, who ended up whacking Tozawa with his sack of presents, and pinned him to become the 24/7 Champion.

Santa Claus becomes the 24/7 Champion on Raw

But as fate would have it, Truth would end the evening back on top, pinning Santa at the Lincoln Center when he didn't have enough energy to run anymore - leaving his reindeers and sleigh behind when he captured the gold.

We make this Truth's 25th reign as champion in the space of seven months, and even though the title isn't to everyone's taste, it would be nice for another storyline like the Drake Maverick one to develop instead of the same-old chase.

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