The Premier League player at each club least likely to become a football manager

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Some footballers are destined for a career in management.

Kevin De Bruyne, for instance. The Manchester City midfielder recently admitted he is starting his coaching badges and when you combine his football intelligence with his tutelage under Pep Guardiola, the Belgian could enjoy a fine career on the touchline.

But management isn’t for everybody. Some players can’t wait to leave the game once they hang up their boots and avoid the stresses that inevitably come with being a manager.

It’s hard to imagine the game’s greatest ever player, Lionel Messi, choosing to become a manager.

He may prove us wrong but leadership hasn’t always come naturally to the Barcelona star as it does to others.

With that in mind, HITC Sport’s The Irish Guy on YouTube has been thinking of players who probably won’t pursue a management career when they retire.

The Irish Guy has named the player at each Premier League club who is least likely to become a manager.

Sorry, Mesut Ozil, but we’re kicking things off with you.

Arsenal: Mesut Ozil

The Irish Guy: “Arguably one of the laziest footballers I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to picture Ozil standing on a touchline and barking at his winger for not tracking back.


Aston Villa: Jack Grealish

The Irish Guy: “When this lad turns 40 he’ll probably be too terrified about the ravages of time destroying his perfectly-gelled strands of hair to ever contemplate the rough and tumble of football management.”

Grealish captains Aston Villa but a career as a manager? Forget about it.


Bournemouth: Dominic Solanke

The Irish Guy: “How is anyone going to draw inspiration from a manager whose career consisted of failed big-money moves and bench warming?”

Before even considering a managerial career, Solanke needs to work on getting his career back on track. He hasn’t lived up to the hype he showed during his time at Chelsea.

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Brighton & Hove Albion: David Button

The Irish Guy: “David Button is 30 years old and has successfully navigated through 12 years of his career without anyone knowing who he is.”

Button may have to convince a few club owners that he was once a professional footballer.

West Ham United v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League

Burnley: Dwight McNeil

The Irish Guy: “I can’t ever really see him donning a trench coat and stood on the sidelines for hours on end.”

In a Burnley side filled with rough, no nonsense players, McNeil stands out as the one least likely to one day command a dressing room.

Burnley FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Chelsea: N’Golo Kante

The Irish Guy: “N’Golo Kante is far too nice to become a football manager.”

Kante isn’t ever shouting at anyone. Even after they make a huge error to lose a cup final.

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Crystal Palace: Christian Benteke

The Irish Guy: “If that man is seriously getting enjoyment out of this sport, when he goes years without scoring a goal, then I’m a Chinese dinner lady!”

The past few years have been tough for Benteke. He’s probably itching to get out of the game and leave it forever.

Burnley FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Everton: Theo Walcott

The Irish Guy: “I think this fella has pundit slapped all over him.”

Mature, articulate and smart, expect to see Walcott on Match of the Day soon after his retirement.

Everton FC v Norwich City - Premier League

Leicester City: Jamie Vardy

The Irish Guy: “When he does eventually hang up the boots, I can see him spending his free time partying every weekend in between helping his wife spy on peoples Instagram Stories."

Vardy has always done things his own way and if he wants to spend his weekend post-retirement partying, then that’s just what he’ll do.

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Liverpool: Harvey Elliott

The Irish Guy: “Do I think that pip-squeak has future management material?!”

Elliott is just 16 years old and could morph into a Steven Gerrard-type leader, but we’re not banking on it.

Aston Villa v Liverpool FC - Carabao Cup: Quarter Final

Manchester City: Ederson

The Irish Guy: “I can’t ever imagine seeing a football manager stood on the sidelines with a smiley face tattooed on his neck.”

Ederson may have a hard time attracting respect in the dressing room with that tattoo.


Manchester United: Jesse Lingard

The Irish Guy: “Jesse Lingard is never going to have the maturity to become a football manager. The lad is 27 years old and yet still acts like a teenage kid.”

Lingard has set up his own clothing label and looks set to pursue other avenues away from football when he hangs up his boots.


Newcastle United: Andy Carroll

The Irish Guy: “A man who clearly views football as nothing more than a well-paid profession.”

Carroll has admitted he had to Google Liverpool’s players after signing for the Reds in 2011 because he didn’t know who played for them aside from Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

He also had to ask people to find out who Liverpool’s next opponents were.

Yeah, Carroll isn’t hanging around once he leaves football.

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Norwich City: Todd Cantwell

The Irish Guy: “Can anyone see Todd Cantwell, an alice band-wearing teenager, morphing into some respected manager down the years? Not a chance.”

If Cantwell becomes a manager, he will hope his players don’t bring up photos of him when he was 21.

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Sheffield United: Ravel Morrison

The Irish Guy: “This lad could barely manage his life, never mind a football team.”

Morrison’s journey has been well-documented but it’s hard to imagine him ever wanting the responsibility that comes with leading a football team.

Sheffield United v Leicester City - Premier League

Southampton: Michael Obafemi

The Irish Guy: “I’m worried that Michael Obafemi might actually be the next Saido Berahino.”

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl recently claimed that Obafemi “lacks professionalism”, a worrying sign for his hopes of becoming a manager.

Huddersfield Town v Southampton FC - Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur: Danny Rose

The Irish Guy: “Danny Rose has already said he can’t wait to retire. He can’t wait to get out of this profession.”

The left-back admitted this back in April 2019.

“At the minute how I programme myself I just think to myself: ‘I’ve got five or six more years left in football and I just can’t wait to see the back of it,’” he said.

Rose’s post-playing days lie away from the game.

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Watford: Danny Welbeck

The Irish Guy: “The poor lad is probably sick to his teeth of the sport. He’s literally spent half his career in the treatment room.”

Imagine ‘Dat Guy Welbz’ commanding respect in the dressing room. Not happening.

Watford FC v Sheffield United - Premier League

West Ham: Jack Wilshere

The Irish Guy: “When Jack Wilshere retires, he’s probably going to pack up his bags and leave the sport forever.”

Injuries must have left Wilshere slightly put off by the thought of staying in football after he retires, although he actually has some traits that you’d look for in a manager.

West Ham United v Southampton FC - Premier League

Wolves: Luke Cundle

The Irish Guy: “I get that Luke Cundle is a 17-year-old reserve for Wolves right now. I still don’t think he’ll become a manager though.”

Who knows, Luke Cundle could be the next Pep Guardiola…


There are actually some players on the list who we can see becoming a manager.

Wilshere, for instance, is a smart player who may feel like he has a point to prove after failing to reach the heights expected of him as a player.

And Vardy has set up his own academy to help non-league players make it as a professional. He could pursue that further when he retires and even make the step up to management.

But there are some that The Irish Guy has got spot on.

There’s no way that Kante is becoming a manager - a coach, perhaps - while Lingard seems keen to pursue his business interests.

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