Stone Cold Steve Austin hits a Stunner in hip-hop star Bad Bunny's latest music video

Steve Austin hits a Stunner on Bad Bunny

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a man of many talents, and he's added another accolade to his long list of accomplishments this week.

He was a great wrestler in his day, he's produced his own beer, he runs a podcast and he's appeared in television and films, so he's pretty much conquered everything.

He'd never appeared in a music video though, but the release of a top hip-hop star's newest single yesterday changed that.

Bad Bunny is a famous Puerto Rican musician and is pretty big in America, scoring a number one single collaborating with Cardi B and a top five with Drake called 'Mia'.

His first album 'X 100pre' - which means Forever in Spanish - dropped today and his first single is titled '¿Quién Tu Eres?', which translates to 'Who Are You?' in English.

You may be wondering what the heck this has to do with Stone Cold, but it becomes very apparent when you watch the music video to his latest song.

Stone Cold Steve Austin appears in Bad Bunny's latest music video

Bunny and his friend get into a bit of conflict with a gang of bikers, but just as it looks like they're outnumbered, the Texas Rattlesnake appears as the doors open from a massive HGV, and utters the words 'Nobody f**ks with my Bunny'.

I bet you didn't think you'd ever hear Stone Cold say THAT in your lifetime!

Stone Cold takes out all the bikers with punches and headbutts, before vanquishing the last one with his famous Stone Cold Stunner - a beautiful sight indeed.

Austin and Bad Bunny crack open some beers and embrace, but the video ends with Austin dropping a Stunner on Bunny himself!

The video has obtained nearly four million views in less than 24 hours, which shows how much of a big deal Bunny is, and it also shows Austin's value as a part of pop culture.

He's not the first WWE Hall of Famer to appear in Bunny's videos though - Ric Flair [of course] made a cameo in 'Chambea', where he cut a promo describing his music as 'the new religion'.

Bunny may end up getting more WWE stars involved in his music, so keep an eye out for the next legend to show up!

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