Women's Sports: Game-changing sportswear innovations of 2019

Adidas Women

In a year that has seen many defining moments for sportswomen, the growth of the sportswear market for women cannot go unnoticed.

As a result of the growing advancements in technology, the sportswear market has constantly evolved to match the needs of women in sport. We take a look back at some of this year's most memorable innovations that either propelled the performance of sportswomen or broke down the barriers that women face in sport.

Nike's World Cup kit specifically crafted for women
This year saw the world's most prestigious football tournament, the FIFA World Cup, increase the reception of women's football. USA's win at the women's world cup shattered viewing records and helped fuel the sales of their Nike sponsored home jersey, becoming the highest-selling football shirt in Nike's history.

For this tournament, Nike took into account the requests of professional female athletes to create football kits for 14 national teams. In creating the design, Nike focused its attention on the best fit for a female player, including alterations such as V-neck shirts which were not too deep, sleeves which weren't overly short and crafted shorts which were not too low.

Adidas Post-Mastectomy Sports Bra for breast cancer survivors

Stella McCartney teamed up with Adidas this October to create a post-mastectomy sports bra, empowering survivors to get back into training. With assistance from bra expert and consultant Monica Harrington, Adidas and Stella McCartney were able to ensure that the performance bra uniquely catered to the needs of recovering patients.

This game-changing innovation includes features such as a front zip to reduce any possible discomfort post-surgery. 

More inclusive options for women
More recently, Nike announced the upcoming launch of its modest swimwear range designed to give women full coverage and range of motion when swimming. The Victory Swim collection takes into consideration the needs of Muslim women and athletes seeking head-to-toe protection from the sun.

The light-weight, breathable and quick-drying collection includes pieces such as the swim hijab, full-coverage swimsuit, tunic top, and leggings. Following the announcement of the new modest swimwear range, Nike continues to break down the barriers women face by creating pieces that invite all women to participate and enjoy sports. 

A jacket to keep you moving
Adidas launched a range of protective jackets to have us owning our elements, regardless of the weather conditions. The Adidas 'MYSHELTER' jacket consider both the needs of a casual commuter and athletes in unpredictable climates.

Adidas incorporated advanced outdoor technology to include features such as a 100% waterproof shell and a carry strap design. With the progressive growth of women's sport this year, it is certain that the creation of innovative sportswear for women will not be slowing down either. 

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