Formula 1 ask fans for their bold predictions for the 2020 season

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Although it doesn't seem long ago since the 2019 season finished, all eyes and attentions are starting to turn to the 2020 campaign.

As always, the excitement and drama next year will start in Australia at the track in Melbourne, but before that, all we can discuss are predictions and assumptions for the new campaign.

Of course, most people will assume Mercedes will dominate once again, with Lewis Hamilton winning his seventh world title and beating his teammate Valtteri Bottas in the process.

If that does happen, it means Hamilton will equal Michael Schumacher's record of seven world titles.

However, that's just a prediction for now, and a pretty obvious one at that.

But not all predictions have to be obvious, and the official Formula One Twitter account has asked fans for their bold claims for the new season.

Below are some of the boldest predictions made by the followers of the F1 Twitter account.

One user, Daniel Philpott, made the prediction that Carlos Sainz would win the Spanish Grand Prix. The current McLaren driver would love nothing more than winning his home race, so that's one prediction he will hope comes true.

Elsewhere, a Sebastian Vettel fan made the prediction that the German would win the world title. Although he ended the tweet by saying it's not exactly a bold prediction.

However, going by his performances in 2019, that is a rather bold claim.

Another user on Twitter, going by the name of Lucia, said the following: "I’m gonna make one REALLY bold: a PROPER title fight"

@f1oholic posted in response that Nico Rosberg would make a shock return from retirement. The German retired back in 2016 after defeating Hamilton and winning his lone world championship.

Other bold predictions include: Williams making the top three, Max Verstappen wins the championship, Kimi Raikkonen wins a race, at least 10 drivers make a podium, McLaren challenging for third in the Constructors' Championship and Alexander Albon wins in Austria.

So despite the 2019 season finishing recently, it's obvious many F1 fans are already looking forward to 2020.

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