Clip resurfaces showing Eddie Alvarez silencing Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has always been a shifty and witty talker.

He makes any pre or post-fight conference worth watching with his outrageous acts or amusing comments.

Very few fighters across the UFC have been able to throw down with the Irishman when it comes to the art of trash talking.

There has been no one more entertaining and no one more confident when it comes to addressing the media.

No one, it would seem, except Eddie Alvarez, who remains the only man to outwit McGregor in the pre-fight build up.

The fighters went toe-to-toe at UFC 205 back in 2016, attending a press conference 48 hours before they stepped into the Octagon.

Amid an interview with Fox Sports, the fighters had their final chance to slam the other. It was Alvarez who got the better of the notorious McGregor.

“You were on welfare bra. You ain’t no man, you took welfare,” the American said after McGregor insisted that he’s the definitive UFC cash chaser.

“Don’t you talk about money. You took money from single mums; single mums go on welfare.

“Don’t talk about money. Keep your mouth shut when you talk about money.”

McGregor likes to talk about his money a lot, but not so much after his upcoming opponent made those remarks.

Instead, his head dropped to face the floor in embarrassment. It was one of the only times he has ever been silenced before a fight.

Plenty of UFC fans have taken to social media to resurface the footage of McGregor getting destroyed as his return to the sport draws nearer.

In turn, all the trash talk meant nothing as McGregor went on to silence Alvarez in the fight to win the UFC lightweight championship.

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