Lana and Bobby Lashley's wedding on Raw descended into absolute chaos

Lana and Bobby Lashley

Did you ever thing a WWE wedding segment was going to end completely straight-forward?

As soon as Lana and Bobby Lashley's 'wedding' was scheduled for the final Monday Night Raw episode of 2019, you could just tell carnage was about to ensue.

The first not-so-normal thing was Lashley's wedding suit - a black tuxedo with the sleeves cut off to show off his massive biceps - because this is WWE and nothing can be normal.

It wasn't long before the Rusev Day chants started from the crowd as Lana unloaded her very unique vows on the WWE Universe, and it really was a cringe-inducing watch.

And then came the objections - not from the fans, but from Lana's 'first husband', who appeared and said he's still married to the Ravishing Russian, and called both Rusev and Lashley 'sons of a b**ch'.

Lana's 'first husband' appeared and was brutalized by Bobby Lashley

Then came Lashley's 'first wife', who received a huge slap from Lana, and just when everyone thought that things might be progressing to the end of the horrific segment, out came Liv Morgan.

The former Riott Squad member has been gone from television for a while, but vignettes signalling her return have been appearing for weeks, where she says she will 'destroy herself' so the real her will emerge.

Liv Morgan re-emerged on Raw to confront Lana

Well she did re-emerge, but it wasn't for the reason anyone expected.

Liv declared that the love of her life was in the ring, but it wasn't Lashley - it was Lana!

It seems as though Liv outed herself as lesbian/bisexual, and we are supposed to believe that the two had a thing before the Lana and Lashley relationship came to fruition on WWE television.

Caught up yet?

The man that the fans wanted to see hadn't even appeared yet, but once Lana had dealt with Morgan, Rusev jumped out of the massive prop cake that was in the ring and layed the smackdown on Lashley.

Unsurprisingly, there has been uproar on social media regarding the segment, with Vince McMahon AND Paul Heyman being slammed for letting it run.

There is no doubt going to be more to come from this as 2020 rolls around, although how much more people want to see is rather dubious...

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