Randy Orton teases retirement after 'injury' before RKOing AJ Styles on Raw

AJ Styles and Randy Orton

Remember the infamous 'retirement speech' Mark Henry gave in 2013 in his salmon-coloured suit?

The WWE Universe genuinely thought the World's Strongest Man was walking away from wrestling, and Henry's acting job was incredible.

It all ended up being a ruse though as Henry slammed John Cena into oblivion and had a brief run in the main event scene once again.

Last night on Raw, it looked like we might have been getting another genuine retirement speech as Randy Orton hobbled his way down to the ring on crutches.

At a live event in Hershey, Pennsylvania this week, Orton suffered an apparent injury, to which the referee of the match threw the dreaded 'X' symbol up - meaning something had gone awry.

Orton told the fans on Raw that he had 'really messed up' his leg and that he would be out of action for a while, and in his speech also name-dropped former tag team partner Edge, who retired in the middle of a WWE ring after suffering an injury.

Randy Orton is assisted into the ring due to 'injury'

After promising that someone would eat an RKO at WrestleMania 36, Orton's rival AJ Styles made his way to the ring in jubilant mood, and told The Viper that he would retire him at Mania when he locks a Calf Crusher on his injured leg.

Styles further antagonised Orton by kicking one of his crutches away, but that's when Orton hit him with the swerve - by tossing his other crutch away and dropping AJ with an RKO.

Orton has been widely praised for being so convincing in his promo, which shows he fooled quite a lot of fans.

Now that it's known that Orton's 'injury' was just for storyline, it's likely that he and Styles will continue their feud into the Royal Rumble, and maybe beyond.

But it's interesting to note that Edge was name-dropped in his speech. Coincidence or perhaps something more to it? Time will tell...

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