Bobby Lashley: A match against Brock Lesnar needs to happen in 2020

Bobby Lashley

To say 2019 didn't end the way the character of Bobby Lashley would have wanted it to end is a bit of an understatement.

His 'wedding' to Lana took centre stage in the main event segment of Monday Night Raw last night, but after countless interruptions and objections, the marriage never took place.

Instead, Raw ended with Rusev taking apart Lashley after jumping out of a giant wedding cake, and Liv Morgan shoving Lana's head into it.

Lashley has only wrestled Rusev once in the feud that has so far spanned three months, but he's picked up easy wins over No Way Jose and Cedric Alexander in the progress.

You'd think that he would need to get away from this ridiculous love storyline to push on in the ring in 2020, and who knows what WWE might try and do to either advance or end the current feud.

Lashley has set his sights on a monstrous opponent though as we start a new year, and it's one that on the whole would make a lot of sense.

Bobby Lashley is currently aligned with Lana

"2020 is the year to make a run for that big match," Lashley told Sports Illustrated.

"People have been talking about how me and Brock [Lesnar] would be amazing, and there have been all kinds of different comparisons.

"If people want to hate me and put me as a heel against Brock, I’m 100% down for it.

But at the same token, I think there is an opportunity for people to see what I’m doing with Lana and like it, and want to see me go after Brock. Regardless of anything else, that needs to happen.”

On the face of it, you wouldn't find many people at the moment who would want to see Lashley go against Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar, like Lashley, is a former MMA competitor

He hasn't been built as a threat to a world title at all, only when he first returned to the company in 2018 did he look even slightly a potential challenger.

But considering they both have a background in MMA and they're both built like monsters, it makes more sense than people would think.

If Lesnar is still WWE Champion post-WrestleMania, then a Lashley who is built-up between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania as a legitimate contender could be a reasonable opponent - but there's a lot of competition for that spot.

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