Nick Kyrgios to donate $200 for every ace he serves to help victims of Australian bushfires

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Nick Kyrgios has built up a reputation of being the bad boy of tennis, but maybe, just maybe, he's having a case of 'new year, new me' syndrome.

The reason we say this is because of a tweet he posted earlier today (January 2) with regards to the Australian bushfires that are currently destroying his native country.

Australia is currently suffering from a horrific natural disaster which has claimed the lives of thousands of wildlife, including over 2,000 koalas.

The bushfires started way back in September of 2019 and have been ripping through the country ever since, with plenty being done to stop the disaster, but with no avail so far.

It's been reported, as per The Metro, that 17 people have died due to the fire, but that number is low compared to the damage it's done to the country's wildlife and nature.

Thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes and abandon their lifestyle because of the fires, and it sadly shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

The fires tend to start because of Australia's heat, with temperatures often reaching a scorching 40 degrees. However, the heat this year has also been blended with strong winds that have made it easier for the fires to spread.

The fact they also have little to no rain makes the conditions that much worse.

Due to the natural disaster which is destroying parts of his country, Kyrgios is trying his very best to raise funds for the victims and spread awareness of the horrific story.

On January 1 he tweeted: "C’mon @TennisAustralia surely we can do a pre @AustralianOpen exbo to raise funds for those affected by the fires?"

However, he then backed up his demands by offering charity himself, posting: "I’m kicking off the support for those affected by the fires. I’ll be donating $200 per ace that I hit across all the events I play this summer. #MoreToCome #StayTuned"

This, as expected, has received widespread praise from people in and out of the sport, and it's even encouraged others to get involved too.

Alex de Minaur tweeted in response to Kyrgios that he would donate $250 per ace, claiming he won't hit as many as Kyrgios.

John Millman also got involved by pledging $100 for each ace he hit.

Nick Kyrgios, we salute you for your efforts and we hope something can be done sooner rather than later to stop the horrific Australian bushfires.

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