WWE 2K20 stopped working on New Years Day after game-breaking bug discovered

A bugged-out version of Becky Lynch on WWE 2K20

It has not been a good couple of months for 2K Games when it comes to their partnership with WWE.

With this being the first WWE game by 2K to not be co-developed by Yuke's, there was always the possibility that there would be teething problems.

But gamers and creators alike didn't expect the issues to be so deep-rooted as they ended up being.

After being released in October, the game was quickly slaughtered for all its bugs, and #FixWWE2K20 actually trended on Twitter as things had gotten that bad.

2K took weeks to release a patch for the bugs, which included superstars' faces becoming distorted when editing them, characters sinking into the ring or flying round at supersonic speed, and much, much more.

Even superstar faces looked woefully basic, just look at this image of The Rock in-game!

The Rock in WWE 2K20

PlayStation would refund buyers who no longer wanted to play the game, and patches have since been released to try and fix the mess.

But yesterday on New Years Day, another game-breaking bug was discovered, and it meant millions couldn't actually play the game.

As evidenced in the video below, anything you tried to do on 2K20 just crashed the game and sent it back to the home screen of the PlayStation or XBox.

Remember the fear of the Y2K bug hitting the internet in the year 2000? That's exactly what yesterday's issue was.

Whilst there wasn't a fix for XBox, PlayStation users had to set their clock back to 2019 if they wanted to play the game!

2K have since fixed the issue, but it shouldn't really have been one to begin with.

It's just another thing to add to the list that has occurred on the game since it has been released - there's a long way to go until 2K21 will be on the shelves, but let's hope that isn't hit with the same problems the current game has had.

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