Women's Sports: Fiji looks to boost participation in women's football with equal pay initiative

The Fiji Football Association (FFA) has announced that they will give equal allowances for both male and female athletes whilst on national duty.

Mohammed Yusuf (FFA chief executive), hopes to develop women’s football within the country by providing the “step forward”: equal pay. 

He believes that “it will encourage Fijian girls to come and play… Fiji women are also in the rugby 7’s and 15’s with the Fijiana, so hopefully, we can encourage these people to come and join us”.

As well as securing equal pay for both genders the FFA is also having talks with the Fiji Sports Commission to appoint a national futsal coach.

With Fiji “excelling in a number of sports”, Yusuf believes that a futsal coach would only enhance the talent on show and possibly could even be a sport that they “work their way to all of the world cups with”.

Beach football is also an interest for Mohammaed Yusuf, “naturally we play rugby and football on the beaches”, with Fiji being an island it seems fit for this to be a focus for the country in the future.

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