Liverpool could match Arsenal's 'Invincible' record vs Man City at the Etihad


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is on the cusp of achieving something truly special.

Kopites around the country are peering ever higher from their mound of four-leaf clovers, lucky rabbits feet and horseshoes in the knowledge that the Premier League title is edging closer.

With each and every victory, the collapse needed for them to somehow concede the trophy becomes increasingly unrealistic... even by the Reds' standards.

And as a result, Liverpool fans are starting to dream of that maiden victory without the fear of having to cross every finger, toe and hair-stand before doing so.

Besides, not only are Klopp's men on course to the win the Premier League, but they're projected to do so in historic fashion.

Liverpool's unbeaten streak

Yesterday marked an entire year without defeat in the competition and just two dropped points all season means they're on course for a mind-boggling 110 points.

And their unbeaten run now stands at an unerring 37 games, the third longest that the Premier League has ever seen.

So, that means Liverpool are 12 matches away from equalling Arsenal's record, which featured an 'invincible' 2003-04 season and finished just short of a half-century of fixtures.


History due at the Etihad

But how feasible is the record? Well, when you run your finger along Liverpool's run of games, you'll astonishingly find that the historic fixture is the toughest of all: Manchester City away.

That's right, Liverpool are on course to match Arsenal's 'Invincibles' when they travel to the Etihad Stadium on April 4. Barring any fixture changes, of course.

That means Liverpool have the chance to make the very history that Pep Guardiola's men have failed to grasp - and they can rub it in to the players and fans that have chased them in vain.

You can see why it's a prospect that will have Kopites salivating and especially when they're also on track to the win the title in record time at - of all places - Goodison Park. 


GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

If there's one banana skin I see Liverpool slipping on this season, it's City away.

So, perhaps the fact they could be playing for history in Manchester will actually see them keep their footing, because you just know that Klopp will want his mittens all over that piece of history.

For the record, if Liverpool go the entire season without defeat, that will see them blow Arsenal's streak out of the water and raise the bar to a nose-bleed-inducing 55 matches. 


That would mean the Reds would win the Premier League trophy and a golden version all in one go.

As much as I want to believe the 'Invincibles' are somehow unassailable in the sporting heavens, Liverpool have pulled up a ladder to the clouds by making their forbearers' statistics look amateurish.

Whatever Klopp has wrought on Merseyside from his 'heavy metal football', it's enough to smash right through the golden precedent that Arsenal erected 15 years prior. 

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