Gary Lineker: Pep Guardiola has had the biggest impact on English football

Gary Lineker has sung the praises of Man City manager Pep Guardiola

There's no denying the impact Pep Guardiola has had over English football since his arrival in 2016.

The Manchester City manager's unique style of play has been replicated up and down the country, with teams in the lower leagues passing it around like peak Barcelona at times.

Guardiola himself is adamant that his impact has not been massive, telling the media: "Don't make me say that people will hate me more!

"Managers don't watch TV and say I'm going to copy that."

Whether you admit or not Pep, a plethora of managers throughout England watch your teams regularly and take ideas from you - just take the compliment!

But is Guardiola's influence greater than that of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, the two greatest managers in Premier League history? Gary Lineker certainly thinks so.


Replying to footage of Guardiola dismissing the media (as we mentioned above), Lineker wrote: "I’ll say it for him. He’s had, arguably, the most positive influence of anyone, ever on our game."

One fan then replied pleading the case of Ferguson, with Lineker replying: "Total respect for Sir Alex’s achievements, and, of course, he’s the most successful, but that’s an entirely different thing. Guardiola has changed the way we play/think about the game. From our obsession with direct play to total football...and they said it couldn’t be done."

Interesting stuff from the BBC Match of the Day presenter.

Another supporter argued that Wenger had been the most influential, citing his changes to diet at Arsenal and bringing in a continental style of play.

Lineker simply replied : "Not for me. Influential, of course, but not to Pep’s levels of transformation."

It's a bold claim from Lineker, sure, but it's hard not to agree with the former Spurs and Barcelona striker on some level.

After all, would teams across England be playing out from the back with such regularity if it wasn't for Guardiola? The answer is no.

The same can be said for Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, with the German's relentless pressing game prompting copycats across the globe - but particularly in England.

Who knows, in a few years time it may be Klopp that lays claim to being the top influencer.

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