Brock Lesnar enters the 2020 Royal Rumble match - and gives himself the number one spot

Paul Heyman announces Brock Lesnar's entry into the Royal Rumble match

The first episode of Monday Night Raw in 2020 meant the start of Brock Lesnar's latest WWE stint, as he returned from his hiatus that had been imposed since Survivor Series.

The WWE Champion opened up the show with his advocate Paul Heyman, and many expected some kind of match to determine who he would face at the Royal Rumble for the title to be made.

But the company swerved everyone by announcing Lesnar's actual plans for the upcoming event in Houston, which no-one saw coming.

Instead of putting his belt on the line, Lesnar will instead be entering the Royal Rumble match - and he will be doing so as the number one entrant.

That means to win the match, Lesnar will have to really outlast 29 other men in order to be victorious, and if he did that he would secure nothing other than bragging rights over the rest of the roster.

It's certainly a unique step to put the one of the world champions in the Rumble match, and the reason given was that there were apparently no challengers worthy of facing the Beast Incarnate for his title.

Many fans have sussed that the reason Lesnar will be entering the Royal Rumble though is to set up a storyline for his WrestleMania match.

And putting two and two together, it seems like it may be Cain Velasquez who gets another shot at Lesnar in Tampa in April.

Lesnar's WrestleMania opponent will likely eliminate him from the Rumble - and it could be Cain Velasquez

Velasquez hasn't been seen on WWE television since his loss to Lesnar at Crown Jewel in October, but it's rumoured that he's being primed for another match.

Fans would like to see Brock move on to other challengers, but they may just have to wait a while longer whilst we get another Cain v Lesnar match out of the way.

WWE have been very unpredictable in placing Lesnar in the Rumble match though, so there's every chance they could swerve us all again and give us a shock elimination - there's some that would just LOVE to see Matt Riddle send him packing from the match...

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