Big Show returns to WWE during Raw's main event in his first match since 2018

Big Show slams Seth Rollins on his Raw return

When Samoa Joe revealed he'd found 'a guy' to help him take on Seth Rollins and the AOP alongside Kevin Owens, Raw's newest heel stable probably didn't bank on taking on a behemoth.

But that's exactly who the Samoan Submission Machine found, as Rollins, Akam and Rezar found themselves staring down none-other than Big Show.

That's right - the World's Largest Athlete returned to the ring, his last match coming in November 2018 during his brief partnership with Cesaro and Sheamus in their feud with the New Day.

A month later he underwent hip surgery, and spent 2019 for the most part recovering, but at the age of 47 it felt like there was no room for Big Show on either Raw or SmackDown with a huge roster to contend with.

But it seems like there will always be a place for the seven-time world champion, as he's just became embroiled in Monday Night Raw's biggest feud.

Joe and KO needed another powerhouse to even the odds against Seth and AOP, and there was much surprise when Show appeared.

Fans were very surprised that he was the mystery man, and some were not as happy as others, but the crowd in Oklahoma were chanting that they wanted Big Show as he waited to be tagged in.

He looked lean albeit slow, and he got the hot tag to take it to Rollins - but a double beatdown by Akam and Rezar to save their leader forced the referee's hand and a disqualification was called.

Big Show is assaulted by Seth Rollins and the AOP

It was Big Show though who got the last laugh - by hitting Rollins with a KO punch just moments after Seth was setting himself up to his Show with a Stomp.

This may mean that Big Show is now involved in the feud for good now, but he may have just been a one-week placeholder for the story to advance next week.

It's doubtful that his body could withhold the weekly WWE schedule with the surgeries he's had over the years, but he would be more than useful to stick around for the Royal Rumble, where someone could get majorly over by eliminating him.

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