New arena move leaves BDO World Darts Championship crowd embarrassingly empty


The BDO Darts World Championship is, or at least was until this point, one of the most highly respected darts tournaments out there.

However, recent TV footage reduced the latest tournament to a joke, after it revealed that crowd attendance at the event was embarrassingly low.

As previously reported by SunSport, darts legend Martin 'Wolfie' Adams reckoned that the BDO had priced out loyal fans by moving the World Championship to London.

Due to the poor ticket sales over the tournament, the players' prize money has been slashed by up to a massive 60 per cent. 

It has been reported that a crowd of around 900 fans made it to the new venue: Indigo at the O2 in London, for the afternoon show.

However, one screenshot posted online, taken during Martijn Kleermaker's game against Gino Vos, showed the usually packed tables and chairs almost completely empty.

Former Soccer AM host Helen Chamberlain tweeted the embarrassing shot, saying: "I've always stuck up for the BDO darts tournament. History, tradition, sentiment, nostalgia, whatever it was, I still watched it, and enjoyed it. This makes me so sad."

Another viewer added: "It's on its a*** and has to be on its last legs now, the darts quality is awful! It looks like it's been filmed by Peter Kay and played in the Phoenix club."

Clearly the fans at home realised what the main culprit was, with a fellow user commenting: "Whoever thought that moving to the O2 was a good idea needs to be sacked immediately.

"Lakeside was easier to get to and more of a draw than I think even the BDO realised.

"This is a shocking picture and sad to see a tournament that's launched so many great players now on its ****."

When you see the prices, it probably won't surprise you that so many loyal fans dropped out.

A ticket in one of the best seats with a table costs £58.80, while a seat at the very back of the room will still set you back £36.70.

Just listen to the reaction to a 180...or lack of it in this case.

As per SunSport, Adams, a three-time world champion, said: "I still believe the BDO can be successful. But one of the worst moves was to pull the world professional out of Lakeside and put it on at the O2.

"So many people that were regulars at Lakeside and who would save up all year to go for the whole week, they aren't going.

"It's a totally different environment, it's more expensive. So a lot of people who would be there, won't be.

"A few lads down the pub were discussing whether to go to the O2.

"But they said: 'It'll cost a fortune to get down. Beer, tickets and transport will be expensive. Let's not bother'. Had it been Lakeside, more would have gone.

"It would be a very sad day if it was the last BDO worlds."

Indeed it would be, but hopefully the BDO executives will learn from this mistake and return the tournament to its rightful home at Lakeside as soon as possible.

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