Liverpool's Premier League dominance shown by graphic of European title races

Liverpool are well and truly living their best life.

Not only are they world and European champions, but they’re commanding a 13-point Premier League lead that only a collapse of historic proportions could ever see crumble.

They’re not just dominating English football, they’re making it their playground and 37 games without defeat means they’re on the third longest lossless streak in the competition’s history.

Astonishingly, their current form puts them on a trajectory to win the league at Goodison Park and to match Arsenal‘s ‘Invincible’ record of 49 games at the Etihad Stadium.

That would see them crowned Premier League champions quicker than any of their predecessors by over a month and they will rack up 110(!?) points if they can replicate their first half.

Liverpool’s brilliance

If you’re still not comprehending the insanity of Jurgen Klopp’s current team, however, a new graphic that has emerged on Reddit could finally hammer home their brilliance. 

Title race graphic

User ‘u/LordVelaryon’ has given an alternate look at the title races of Europe’s top five leagues, rearranging the tables to show every possible points tally.

That means a close title race is apparent by closely the club badges are bunched together and any side with a massive lead will be shown to have clear space between their nearest rival.

And the majesty of Liverpool’s 13-point lead couldn’t be clearer on the graphic. Check it out:

Paris Saint-Germain are the next most dominant with a seven-point advantage, the Bundesliga is between two points and there are joint leaders in both Serie A and La Liga.

But what’s most astonishing is that Leicester, despite being so far behind, still have enough points to be leaders in Spain and Germany as well as joint top in France and Italy. Mental.

GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says

This Liverpool side is one of the best that modern European football has seen. Yup, sue me.

Sure, they’re not playing the tiki-taka football of the heavens or thumping teams 6-0 every weekend, but seldom have we seen such a complete package since the turn of the century.

Starting a season with 19 victories from 20 games has never been seen before in the Premier League and it’s that ruthless efficiency that puts them above some of their slicker forbearers. 

They’ve even proven their brilliance across different formats, using their heavy-metal style to pick off Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Tottenham in last season’s Champions League. 

And as this new graphic shows, Liverpool are European champions for two reasons: they have the trophy to prove it and nobody on the continent can match their form. 

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