CM Punk directs an expletive-ridden tweet at The Miz following WWE Backstage appearance

CM Punk and The Miz

CM Punk may be happy at being a part of WWE-related shows again, but it seems like he still gets angry over little things.

Punk has been a sporadic contributor on FOX's WWE Backstage show, making a couple of appearances to talk all-things WWE, whilst setting the record straight on his own future.

The six-time world champion stated that he wasn't actively interested in returning to the ring right now, but if he did, bridges would have to be built.

It does seem like Punk has some issues with a few people still involved in WWE though, and The Miz might be one of them.

It's never seemed like the two have had their issues before, but a tweet directed at The Miz last night suggests that Punk has a major problem with him.

Miz was the special guest on WWE Backstage last night, and after the show was done, FOX's WWE Twitter account posted a video of the crew being un-microphoned, with Miz saying that the show was great.

WWE superstar The Miz

When WWE legend Christian responded by saying that the show was 'thankfully' over, Miz retorted by saying it was the best episode yet, and for him to name a better one.

And after the show's presenter Renee Young named the November 19 episode, which featured Ember Moon and a certain CM Punk, Miz apologised for not 'changing the culture' - the tagline Punk used when he made his shock appearance the week before.

That did NOT amuse Punk, who responded on Twitter in explicit fashion.


"Go suck a blood money covered d**k in Saudi Arabia you f**king dork", tweeted Punk, who was seemingly very hurt by Miz's innocuous comments.

Understandably Punk quickly deleted the tweet, but enough people saw it and are shocked at his foul-mouthed comment.

But it seems to show what he thinks of not only The Miz, but WWE's dealings with Saudi Arabia.

No doubt that Punk will be poked and teased about this when he's next on Backstage, but it'll be interesting to see if The Miz actually comments on this at all, so stay tuned!

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