Jeff Hardy is being encouraged to 'seek help' by WWE for his issues with alcohol

Jeff Hardy

2019 was an incredibly tough year for Jeff Hardy, and there's every chance it may end up being his last one in the company.

Jeff was fit and firing at the beginning of last year, and made a triumphant reunion with his brother Matt in February.

The re-united Hardy Boyz won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships two nights after WrestleMania 35, but that reign only lasted a couple of weeks due to an injury Jeff suffered to his knee.

Surgery meant that he would be on the sidelines for up to nine months, meaning he should be back in the ring right about now.

But due to out of the ring actions, it seems like that return won't be coming - not in January at least.

Hardy was arrested twice in 2019 - first in the coastal city of Myrtle Beach, South California in July for public intoxication, and in October he was charged for driving whilst impaired in his home state of North Carolina.

Jeff Hardy was arrested twice in 2019

The Charismatic Enigma has had his issues with substances in the past, but he'd had no problems with the law in eight years before his arrest six months ago.

According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, WWE have been pushing really hard for Jeff to focus on his personal health, especially as he's got a hearing coming up surrounding his most recent arrest.

Johnson also says that Hardy has been working hard in relation to WWE's request, which is a positive sign.

Hardy hasn't been in the ring since April 2019 due to a knee injury

With Matt's contract expiring on March 1 and looking likely to leave the company, Jeff's would've been expiring at the same time, had it not been for his injuries and arrest.

So he will be under Vince McMahon's watchful eye for a while longer, but there's a chance he still may not compete again for WWE.

No doubt though that both men will have a ton of offers waiting for them - and if Jeff can get far away from his issues, there's no reason as to why he can't still do great things inside a wrestling ring.

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