Five superstars WWE should book to face Triple H in his eventual retirement match


This past week, Triple H was asked about potential retirement from in-ring competition in the WWE.

He said during a media call with Metro: "There are a lot of talent that I look back on my career and think, if I was in my prime, I'd be all over pitching ideas to do something with this talent.

"But the reality is, you're not young anymore. It all moves on and it's a young man's business, and hopefully that always continues."

It's not surprising that Triple H is thinking about in-ring retirement. He's 50 years old, he's put many years into the business and has now transitioned more and more into a backstage role in recent years.

NXT has become his baby in WWE, as he's helped produce and develop WWE superstars of today and tomorrow over the past decade.

Rightfully, it should be a former or current NXT superstar that sends him into retirement, and he'd probably want it that way too, but other superstars that haven't been in NXT would fit perfectly in the role too.

Retirement will eventually catch up to The Game, as it has done for every other WWE superstar in the history of the business, so here are five superstars who would be the perfect final opponent for him before he rides off into the sunset. 

Adam Cole


If Triple H retires this year, Adam Cole might be the likeliest superstar to face him in a retirement match since he is the current NXT Champion.

You can easily see Cole losing the NXT title at some point in the near future, possibly to Tommaso Ciampa, only for him to blame The Game for booking him in the match and blaming him for the loss as well, setting up the feud.

Cole and the rest of The Undisputed Era could attack The Game throughout the rivalry, giving the option for WWE to bring Shawn Michaels into the mix if they wish, skyrocketing the entire stable to a whole new level when Cole pins and retires Triple H, ready for a Raw or SmackDown move.

Kevin Owens


Another great opponent that could retire Triple H is Kevin Owens, but this feud may take a little bit longer to develop, so it would be a perfect storyline if The Game retires in 2021 or beyond.

KO is one superstar who is rumoured to be on the shortlist to return to NXT in 2020, and if he does, it probably won't happen until later in the year since he's currently one of the biggest babyfaces on Raw.

Still, this gives WWE a pathway to make this feud happen, as Owens seeks to return to the top and regain the NXT Championship, only for The Game to stop him since he initially abandoned NXT for the main roster all those years ago.

AJ Styles


Many, if not, all the matches on this list will be considered dream matches by many fans, but you can't get much bigger than Triple H vs AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One is one of the best in the business and can put on stellar matches with almost anyone.

Fans wouldn't need to worry about the quality of match The Game would have with Styles even though The Game himself has said he can no longer do the athletic things some guys can do today. Styles is just that good.

Both superstars have teased retirement recently, so this match could be step up as a 'Career vs Career' match, which should leave fans in a haze as to which superstar will actually eat the pin by the end of the clash. In reality, we know who it will be.

Finn Balor


In 2019, Finn Balor lost a bit of his flair, but his move back down to NXT has helped him regain it. In 2020, he could regain it all back fully by taking out and retiring Triple H.

Balor is currently feuding with Johnny Gargano and the two are currently set to face each other at NXT TakeOver: Portland. If Balor was to fall short, he could look to blame The Game for not giving him enough opportunities in NXT since he is a former NXT and Universal Champion.

As a result, Balor could play his trump card and summon The Demon for the match, kicking off what could be a rebirth and ascension overall for the character similar to that of 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt. Triple H would be a big first scalp for him on NXT.

Tommaso Ciampa


Tommaso Ciampa is looking to return to where he was before he got injured, with the NXT Championship around his waist, but one man that could get in his way and stop him from achieving this goal is Triple H.

The Game was the man who Ciampa handed the NXT title to when he had to relinquish it due to his neck injury, but he is also the man who, to date, has not given him the opportunity to win the title which he never lost in the middle of the ring back.

In the likely Adam Cole vs Ciampa match, Triple H could preserve The Undisputed Era's legacy by attacking Ciampa and stopping him reuniting with Goldie, setting up their feud. In the end, however, it will be Ciampa standing over The Game as NXT's true hero, as well as the biggest babyface in the brand's history.

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