Mike Tyson reveals he was stoned and fined $250,000 when he fought Andrew Golota

Mike Tyson/Andrew Golota

Mike Tyson reveals he was stoned and fined $250,000 after Andrew Golota fight

Mike Tyson has reminisced over one of the most savage beatings he delivered in his career while high on cannabis, which saw him fined $250,000.

The two-time world heavyweight champion recently ventured into the world of marijuana, creating his own 1400-acre weed ranch.

Astonishingly, ‘Iron Mike’ has previously claimed to smoke around $43,000 worth of marijuana a week on his podcast ‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson.’

Tyson’s remarkable career was riddled with controversies but it only now that he has admitted to smoking pot before a fight.

The 53-year-old admitted he was high during his bout with Andrew Golota back in October 2000, a fight where the American showcased his devastating power in the early rounds.

The Polish heavyweight managed to get to his feet after being floored by a trademark right hand, but was clearly in dire straits with severe bruising and cuts all over his face. 

After a truly brutal second-round onslaught from Tyson, Golota decided it was time to quit whilst he still had breath in his lungs.


Tyson recently appeared on rapper TIP’s podcast ‘expeditiously,’ and was asked if he ever fought while under the influence of cannabis: “Once, once in my life. I got fined $250,000 though,” he replied per the Daily Star.

“It was against Andrew Golota. I displayed the worst beating in the history of my career. Breaking bones, eye sockets, cheek bones, necks.”

Unfortunately for Golota, he was pummelled with garbage after the fight by pyschotic fans who weren’t aware of the significant injuries he suffered at the hands of Tyson.

‘Kid Dynamite’ ended his career with a record of 50-6-2, with 44 knockouts, and will go down in the history books as perhaps the hardest hitter the sport has ever seen…….even when he’s high.

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