WWE salaries for 2019 show a massive pay gap between male and female superstars


Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Roman Reigns commanded the WWE's highest base salaries in 2019, with Ronda Rousey - the best-paid women - earning significantly less than them. 

Lesnar, who currently holds the WWE Championship, made $12 million despite wrestling on a part-time basis. 

'The Beast' had just EIGHT televised matches last year, but his base salary was comfortably higher than the next two highest earners - John Cena ($8.5m) and Roman Reigns ($5m). 

Rousey - who is the highest-paid woman on the roster - still made significantly less than those three. The former UFC champion earned $1.5 million. 

In fact, the differences in pay for men and women is quite staggering. 

Check out the full list of men's base salaries, per the Express, below:  

Brock Lesnar: $12m
John Cena: $8.5m
Roman Reigns: $5m
Randy Orton: $4.5m
AJ Styles: $3.5m
Seth Rollins: $3m
The Miz: $2.5m
The Undertaker: $2.5m
Kevin Owens: $2m
Dolph Ziggler: $1.5m
Sheamus: $1m
Jeff Hardy: $1m
Bray Wyatt: $1m
Jinder Mahal: $900,000
Kane: $900,000
Big Show: $850,000
Samoa Joe: $800,000
Rusev: $800,000
Matt Hardy: $650,000 

Lesnar and Reigns were two of WWE's highest earners. Credit: WWE

Those numbers can be compared to the women's salaries below: 

Ronda Rousey: $1.5m
Charlotte Flair: $550,000
Nikki Bella: $350,000
Alexa Bliss: $350,000
Mickie James: $300,000
Natalya: $300,000
Asuka: $250,000
Becky Lynch: $250,000
Dana Brooke: $200,000
Bayley: $200,000
Lana: $200,000
Naomi: $180,000
Carmella: $120,000
Nia Jax: $100,000
Sonya Deville: $100,000
Mandy Rose: $80,000
Ruby Riott: $80,000
Sarah Logan: $80,000
Tamina: $80,000 

Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. Credit: WWE

Those numbers are certainly very interesting. Only one woman made over $1 million, while a total of 13 men did.

It's hard to argue that the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Jeff Hardy did more for WWE than Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley last year. 

Of course, these numbers only take into account base salaries for 2019 - and there's a good chance each superstar has boosted their earnings by selling merchandise or agreeing new deals since. 

The Fiend is one of WWE's best merch sellers

Still, the differences in pay between the male and female roster is stark. But hopefully, that's something that can be evened out in the near future. 

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