Football fans have started making anti-VAR t-shirts

Crystal Palace v Arsenal FC - Premier League

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but VAR was at it again on Friday night during Sheffield United 1-0 West Ham.

David Moyes' side were robbed of one of the most joyous phenomena in football, that glorious feeling of an injury-time equaliser away from home. 

Declan Rice, who was adjudged to have committed the handball in the build-up to Robert Snodgrass' goal, didn't hold back in his post-match interview. 

The England international claimed that every footballer wants the controversial system scrapped. 

Rice certainly wouldn't be alone in that. Fans up and down the country detest VAR and its failure to act in the spirit of the game. 

In some cases, it's the laws themselves that are the problem, not the men stowed away in Stockley Park - case in point, West Ham's handball. 

The fact remains, if we went back to the good old days when we relied on human error, incidents like this wouldn't be happening every single week without fail. 

From punishing dubious offsides to picking up the most pedantic of handballs, VAR is killing the emotion of the game. 

That's why fans have taken matters into their own hands by producing anti-VAR t-shirts reading "it's not football anymore" - in the words of the song that has been doing the rounds at stadia up and down the Premier League in recent weeks. 

That's the more sanitised chant, anyway.

The bad news is that for all the protests, there are no plans to get rid of VAR. It's here to stay. 

The Premier League are reportedly unhappy with clubs' fury when they demanded for years that the technology be brought in - especially as for all its faults, VAR is simply applying the rules as they stand. Offside is offside, even if it's by a matter of millimetres. 

Supporters realise there is no need for it to be as complicated as that. There is bound to be more fuel added to the fire this weekend. 

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