Nigel Owens has offered to referee a village charity game for free after Twitter contact

New Zealand v Ireland - Rugby World Cup 2019: Quarter Final

World-renowned rugby union referee Nigel Owens has been receiving plenty of praise on social media after offering his services to referee a charity game for absolutely free.

After a local rugby club reached out on Twitter - simply to enquire how much it might cost to have Owens referee a fundraising game for them - the Welshman replied stating that he would do it for nothing.

Twitter user Y Dales Bushcraft contacted Owens on the micro-blogging platform with the following message:

"@Nigelrefowen Evening, a little boy at our local rugby club is in hospital and sadly lost his legs and arms to a horrific disease.

"We are holding a charity match in Skipton in North Yorkshire on the 29th February 2020. How much would it cost us to have you attend?"

Owens was quick to reply and he certainly deserves massive credit for his wonderful offer.

"It would cost you nothing at all for me to referee the game for the young lad," Owens began.

'It would be an honour for me to do so. I will DM you my contact to see if we can make it work."

Absolutely brilliant.

It is a fantastic gesture from one of the finest referees in the world.

Owens officiated the 2015 World Cup final and was the overwhelming favourite to do the same in 2019, before an unfortunate calf injury ruled him out.

Either way, he is unquestionably the most recognisable official in the game, due to his comedic, no-nonsense interactions with the players.

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He is somewhat of a YouTube star thanks to his propensity to lecture some of the biggest men on the planet about their manners during the game.

He will add an incredible element to the game in Skipton and could make a massive difference to the fundraising effort.

Good on you, Nigel.

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