Neil Warnock names Arsene Wenger as the best manager in Premier League history


Neil Warnock has ranked his top five managers in Premier League history, and his choices are certain to drum up more than a little debate. 

Coming into his fortieth year as a coach in professional football, Neil Warnock is a man who knows more about football management than most.

Seen as the last of his generation of old-school managers - that included Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger - the former Cardiff and Crystal Palace manager's opinion certainly holds some sway in the game. 

Known almost as much for his controversial opinions as his knowledge and experience, however, the veteran manager has once again flirted with controversy, after revealing his picks for the five best managers in Premier League history.

Speaking to TalkSport, Warnock broke down his top five, and gave a little insight into why he felt each manager deserved their place. 

5. Jose Mourinho

"Jose Mourinho, I think what I like about him is the way that he deals with the media at the most difficult times".

Few could argue that Mourinho deserves his place in the top five, after claiming three Premier League titles with Chelsea across ten years, and two stints at the club. 

For the influence Mourinho had on the tactical side of the game, some could argue that the charismatic current Spurs manager is hard done by to find himself in fifth position. 

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League

High profile failures with both his beloved Chelsea, as well as Manchester United in recent years have tarnished his reputation slightly however.

4. Sir Alex Ferguson

"I'd probably go with Sir Alex, slightly in front of Jose Mourinho, because Alex has done it for longer, he's been at it longer.

Whilst automatically the number one pick in many fans' eyes due to his unrivalled success, Warnock explained that it was the changes in the game that had led to his decision to place him so low. 


"I just think he was in an era where it was man management, it wasn't all this stuff with the back staff and the back rooms and everything, it was man management - and Alex was probably the best at that".

3. Jurgen Klopp

"I think Klopp is just beginning. He will definitely get even better.

"His outlook and everything that he's done at the club and its future with the kids and all that, I think he's got another ten years coming forwards. 

Liverpool FC v Sheffield United - Premier League

"So I think he's third at the minute, but could quite easily be number one in a few years".

2. Pep Guardiola

"Last year, firsthand, I saw his teams, and I have never see a team with the movement etc. - with David Silva, the best player I've ever seen in the Premier League - Pep has just taken it all on board".

"He's had a few years so he's been in front of a few, but I think he's just amazing. 


"His influence on the parks and the lower down leagues has been fantastic, so I'd put Pep second".

1. Arsene Wenger

"I might be completely different to anyone else, but I would pick Arsene Wenger as number one, only because he changed the whole outlook on modern football". 

A controversial top pick to many, we're sure, Warnock explained that his was as much his influence on the game as his success that led him to be his number one. 

Arsenal v Burnley - Premier League

"He brought so many things in that had never been thought of, the nutritionist, the fitness guys, the video technology. He changed the whole course of it when he came into the Premier League. 

"I'd put him as number one".

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