WWE are 'desperate' to keep The Revival from leaving for All Elite Wrestling

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson - The Revival

Despite being the biggest competition to WWE now, All Elite Wrestling haven't taken many ex-Vince McMahon stars with them in their first year as a promotion.

The two big hitters that went with Cody Rhodes were Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, both who have had great runs in WWE in recent years, but Cody was adamant that not every released WWE talent would be getting an AEW deal.

That's fair enough - they want to build their own identity and brand after all - but many fans believe Dynamite has hit a flat spot in recent weeks and maybe it could pay to try and coax some soon-to-be leaving stars over to the 'other side'.

There's already strong rumours of Matt Hardy joining forces with Tony Khan once his WWE contract expires on March 1, and he's even started a YouTube series titled 'Free The Delete'.

And another couple of superstars have been throwing strong hints out that their time in WWE may be coming to a close.

A lot has been made of the contract status of the collective duo of The Revival - Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson - and for the past year they've been rumoured to be departing.

The Revival have recently been pictured with AEW's Private Party

Dawson posted a picture with exciting AEW tag team Private Party just before Christmas, and the man himself tweeted yesterday stating that he would be 'going away for a while' whilst he 'gets everything figured out'.

That could mean absolutely anything, but with their deals due to expire soon and no new ones signed yet, it seems obvious what he means.

Fightful are reporting that the pair have been offered deals that exceed the rumoured $550,000-per year contracts that they 'passed over' last year, but they have not rejected or accepted them yet.

They added that WWE are 'throwing everything' at the duo in order for them not to leave, as several high-ranked officials within the company are big fans of them.

The Revival had a brief alliance with Randy Orton in 2019 before it was broken up

Despite that, they haven't been booked like a big deal for a while, and since their partnership with Randy Orton was broken up they've done nothing of note.

The picture will become clearer in the coming months, but don't be surprised if Dash and Dawson are no longer on WWE programming in the near future.

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