Pep Guardiola has damaged £460,000 worth of luxury cars since joining Man City


Driving exotic cars is part and parcel of being high up in the football industry.

The vehicles parked at the training ground of any top club are the ones most people can only dream of owning.

Illustrating the financial might of the Premier League, it’s unusual to see a player rock up to work in anything other than a Lamborghini, Bentley, Mercedes or the like.

Managers also pocket an eye-watering wage of their own, the largest of which is the staggering £385,000 taken home by Pep Guardiola each and every week.

Unsurprisingly, a small portion of the Manchester City boss’ earnings goes towards his garage.

However, rather incredibly, the 48-year-old has gone through four different cars since arriving at the Etihad in February 2016.

That’s because Guardiola has damaged each of the vehicles he’s owned during that time, such is his susceptibility to suffering automotive mishaps.

In their book Pep’s City: The Making Of A Superteam, Lu Martin and Pol Ballus write: “Today he’s behind the wheel of his black Mercedes.

"He has a reputation from his Barcelona days of being a hapless driver and this is his fourth car he has owned since coming to Manchester.

“His wing mirrors don’t survive for long and he’s also managed to fill a diesel Range Rover with petrol and mangle a silver Bentley.”

A source also told The Sun: “Pep is brilliant at many things but driving doesn’t appear to be one of them.

"He’s struggled with the roads in Manchester and had a couple of bumps.”


Guardiola is said to have damaged an £80,000 Mercedes GLE, a £150,000 Range Rover, a £200,000 silver Bentley GTX700 and a £30,000 Mini Cooper.

All up, that’s £460,000 - or just over eight days of work for the two-time Champions League-winning manager.

To be fair, the United Kingdom is the first country in which Guardiola has played or managed that drives on the left side of the road.

It would take some time to adjust, but surely four years is long enough.

But really, there’s no excuse for filling up a £150,000 Range Rover with the wrong type of fuel.

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